Tech Note: Crash on startup of cooked game due to failure to load animation compression settings

Article written by Euan C.

Animation compression settings can fail to load when Event Driven Loader is disabled, leading to a crash on startup of a cooked game. The crash is proceeded by a failure of the following checked call in AnimationCompressionTypes.cpp:

checkf(!Obj->HasAnyFlags(RF_NeedLoad), TEXT(“Failed to load %s in %s”), *Obj->GetFullName(), *Source->GetFullName());

Potential Impact:
Moderate: This issue will only effect projects which are using the non-Event Driven Loader codepath, which is now deprecated, for loading assets.

As the non-Event Driven Loader codepath has now been deprecated, any project should ensure that the ‘Use Event Driven Loader’ option is enabled in the Project Settings.