Tech Note: Crash in Control Rig VM due to memory stomping

Article written by Euan C.

Summary: A Control Rig VM crash has been found in non-editor builds due to a memory stomping issue. The issue reproduces as a fatal log in FMallocBinned2::GetAllocationSizeExternal(): “FMallocBinned2 Attempt to GetAllocationSizeExternal an unrecognized block”.

Potential Impact: Moderate: Certain configurations of Control Rig graphs using the Full Body IK solver node will crash in non-editor builds.

Solution: The issue has been fixed in CL 16020071. These changes can be integrated locally. They will also be included with the 4.27 release.


I used UE5 to package an animated sequence using the Control Rig blueprint to an Android phone, but it didn’t work. However It works fine in the editor.

Is that the same question?

You mentioned that it will only be fixed in UE4.27, will it be fixed in UE5?