I think this is my first time to post on IOS forum, so hello everybody!

@KillerSneak: If you are looking for a free move camera like in this video I made: Unreal engine 4 android TPS umg issue. - YouTube then to set it up you need to do this:

Its a completely free look camera and not just up/down right/left. Make sure you set the Integer variable how I did, otherwise the virtual stick will reserve Touch 1 and the swipe wont work. I’m not sure what game are you making, but I hope this helps.

Hi Pabooklas,

I am new to Unreal Development.

I have been trying to build a level using the First Person template and was wondering how to implement a Swipe to look feature, rather than just using the joystick for controls.

I see that you have uploaded the blueprint for the same. Was wondering where exactly would I build a copy of this in my project.


Hi. Go to your project settings, in the input tab select left stick only virtual joystick. Then go to your character BP and do all the things you see in the picture.
Or you can download a template I created here- [Template] Free mobile TPS template for beginners - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums
And just copy the code from character bp into your projects character bp.

Thanks a lot! Will try it out now! :slight_smile:

We made a plugin that could help with some of the use cases being discussed here:

It fires events that you can respond to for swipe inputs - kind of like turning swipes into button presses. Think: input similar to how you turn left/right in Temple Run or move left/right in Crossy Road.

Hope this helps!

thats really great of you to share your work but I’m getting this error while i’m loading your swipe plugin. I’m a new to unreal so i need bit of your help I’m using 4.8 version of unreal. kindly help me out this I need this for my college project. Thanks! error.png

You should generate C++ project files and then compile plugin :slight_smile:

Is it possible to adjust the sensitivity of each touch event separately?

Hi guys, do these blueprints work if i want to use swipe as an attack or an action?

Hi Creey,

I know this is an old post but it would be great to the see the 8 directional blue print if you still have it.

Many thanks,


Hey Creey Could you please send an image of your 8 directional BP that would be awesome thanks

Do you have any advice for the latest versions?

Go to
Project Settings > Input,
enable Gesture Recognizer.

UE4 calls swipe “Flick” for some reason. Available as action input or axis input.
Test it with Print String to see how it behaves.


I make my own swipe UMG widget based on the epic scrollbox. It may simplify and solve your problems: