SUSTAIN - An Immersive Horror experience

I am a Game Design Student from South Tyneside and I am about to start a new project titled SUSTAIN.

SUSTAIN sets out to be a fresh new idea in a overgrowing genre. Inspired by games such as Gone Home and Silent Hills playable teaser (P.T)

I am hoping to have a reasonably sized environment that can be explored with story pieces to be picked up and read by the player.

There are no A.I to speak of, no threats. The player must simply explore the environment and collect clues to read. When all clues are picked up and read the game ends, leaving the player to solve the mystery for themselves.

SUSTAIN is set on a small floating town in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, set up by a Multi-Billionaire to be the “Perfect Town”. The Town receives it water supply from the sea, Solar Panels provide power and Greenhouses and trained Fisherman provide food. One day the outside world stops receiving communication from the town. The UN wait a couple of weeks but still no communication, so the UN send in an agent to head to the town and investigate.

The game does not point you In any direction and expects the player to discover things for themselves.

This is a solo project being completed by a single student over the course of 13 weeks. Any ideas to save time or help would be greatly appreciated thanks!

will the game be first person or third person I’m thinking you will be making it first person if its inspired by gone home and P.T

Sound great and I cant wait to see what you do with it. you have to carefully balance ambiance to get away with not having any enemies at all in the game, Possibly moving shadows and strange sounds. though the game still needs to look good and be playable you might want to concentrate on making things atmospheric rather than look amazing.

The game will be in first person :]

The horror is not really ghosts, monsters ect. The horror revolves around the realism of the situation.

UPDATE 1 - Change in story


Ok since my last post the narrative for my game has changed. I changed it to fit the themes of Mystery. I don’t want to spoil the whole plot but here is a brief idea.

Bill Foxton, a multi-billionaire has spent the past seven years establishing a small town floating in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. He describes it as the “Perfect place to live” with many benefits to living here. Water supply is filtered through the ocean, power is gathered via Solar panels and food is gathered from on-site greenhouses and trained fisherman. One day the outside world stopped receiving communication from the town. The government sent a team to investigate but upon arriving at the town, it was discovered that everyone had disappeared. 10 years later a single radio transmission was broadcasted from the town. You play as the agent sent in to investigate.

As you can see the plot still retains some similarities but it has changed to fit a theme which I prefer. If everything in this project goes right, fans of H.P Lovecraft are going to hopefully enjoy this experience.

I have started on the actual map itself, the whole perimeter of the town is structured and textured, I am currently working on the interior of one of the many buildings of the level.

Please keep an eye of this forum for updates, I am hoping to make something good out of this project. Thank you!

Do you have anything to show? or is the design still on paper.

I can offer sounds for your game got inspired by Silent Hill :wink:

UPDATE 2 - Starting map design

This is update 2 for my work in progress game, SUSTAIN. Ive started working on the map, I may have underestimated and made the island to big. I am going to down size it accordingly. I have finished one of the buildings with a decorated interior. I will re-size the island and continue designing buildings.

3aad9b34d30ab1a7d423c33d47965ec5f8163f8f.jpeg - An example of one of the interiors.

Update 3 - Complete Changes

Hi guys, as you know if you have been following along my game was set on an island. Since then I have looked at my classmates and they have games based on a train, submarine smaller locations. So I have changed the plot of my game, the location to a mansion and the game is now called The call.

Update 4

Hi, some more progress has been made on the level. Some of the mansions interior has been fully decorated.20395e18325b284fd29f1d747942774b1a94a822.jpeg20395e18325b284fd29f1d747942774b1a94a822.jpeg

More Work has been done on the game, a fully decorated dining room, study, bathroom, bedroom and work is underway for a guest dorm room with multiple beds. After this week the mansion interior should be fully decorated so I can start adding readable letters.