[Suggestion/Feedback] Unreal Engine Support Application

As a web developer, I look at the forums, then answerhub, and the support methods for Unreal Engine and it occured to me…is there a reason there isn’t a mobile app or even using HTML to combine the Answer Hub, the Forums, and the website all into one mobile application? The website would be super simple for account administration, bill payment, etc. But the Bulletin and Answer Hub both use Rest API so it would be fairly simple with all the frameworks out there that use JSON data to make one consolidated support application. They all use the same authentication and logins, so it’s not like you have to keep track of multiple sign ons, etc. And the Wiki would be simple to tie in also. Along with links to YouTube and things.

I’ve actually been considering putting something together just for my own use to make it easier to keep track of answers, forums, etc.

You can search the forums, hub, wiki and documentation using the search bar at

Of course this is something different from having recent posts and questions from the hub all on one page. If you decide to do something like this, let me know if you need beta testers :slight_smile:

Also, I couldn’t figure out how to display the recent changes to the wiki or the newest articles. Do you think that could be integrated as well?

Yup, I actually do that at work with our internal media wiki, it’s under Tools => Special Pages => Recent Changes/Logs sections

Yeah, I have noticed that some people will post questions in the forums, some on the answer hub, I figured if it was an all in one it would be easier to just do everything on one page/app kind of thing. I think some users stick with the answer hub and others stick with the forums. And some answer hub items are commonly discussed items in the forums and such.

Thanks. That list design is kind of crammed, but it’s nice to have.