Still can't run tappy chicken

Can you guys tell me where to find the log files so I can take a look as well ?

@ Michael Noland If I disable the Gamecenter polling will it work then? I’m now downloading the latest master source as the last 4.3 source (including commit of today) doesn’t compile anymore and gives a ton of errors and will

Fix the problem for now?

Seems the above helped with fixing the game not running on my devices. At this moment it runs the game but Gamecenter doesn’t seem to work anymore

-keep class com.epicgames.ue4.GameActivity$JavaAchievement {
   public *;

So this temp fix allows me to run the game on my devices again but without Gamecenter or AdMob working so it seems.

Another bump / it runs but like i said gamecenter and admob aren’t working.

The XML layout for the AndroidManifest doesn’t seem to be right if I compare it with the google documentation. and

Doesn’t work, the game loads -> but Play Services doesn’t -> seems the game loads / want’s to connect to the play services but then crashes and asks me if I want to send a crash report.

There are still some major failures with the UE4 engine. Especially when converting a project from an older build to a newer like 4.2.1 to 4.3. Several XML files don’t get updated.

**\Build\Android\AndroidManifest.XML **this file isn’t updated between engine versions mine was missing a ton of play services and admob related entries.
**\Build\Android\proguard-project.txt **this file also wasn’t updated and was missing a lot of entries going from 4.2.1 to 4.3
**\Build\Android\res\values\GooglePlayAppID.XML **this file doesn’t seem to follow the documentation from google.
as it only holds the app_id and no achievement or leaderboard ID’s at all.

according to Google the **\Build\Android\res\values**folder should hold a ids.xml file that contains all the specific ID’s related to your app/achievements/leaderboards

To run the game, you need to configure the application ID as a resource in your Android project. You will also need to add games metadata in theAndroidManifest.xml.

  1. Open res/values/ids.xml and replace the placeholder IDs. If you are creating an Android game from scratch, you will need to create this file first.

  2. Specify your application ID in the app_id resource.

  3. Specify each achievement ID that you created earlier in the corresponding achievement_* resource.

  4. Specify each leaderboard ID that you created earlier in the corresponding leaderboard_* resource.

  5. Open AndroidManifest.xml and enter your package name in the package attribute of the <manifest> element. If you are creating an Android game from scratch, make sure that you also add the following code inside the <application> element:

The only way to fix this is by deleting the **Application\Build folder and **Application\Intermediate folders

I also want to thank KRushin for providing me with some useful feedback on these subjects.

**EDIT: **made a bug report here ​

Glad I can help. Later this week (as 4.3 gets closer to a “final” version, and last few android bugs [for 4.3] gets fixed) I’m going to make a few videos on working with UE4. Basically showing the workflow of publishing,and getting non-gameplay things working [admob/achievements] and all that working, including if your are upgrading from 4.2/4.1 and some problems that can occur (assuming they are not fixed).

Edit: The manual edits are not required (step 1 & 2) , as the engine at compile/packaging time will insert them (assuming you configured your project settings/android settings). But this would be a manual way of doing it (especially if you haven’t done the last thing that killer sneak noted (deleting old/outdated Build/intermediate directories from previous versions of the engine). Therefore, If you are running NEW projects created in 4.3 you don’t have to do any of these steps.