Steam API disabled

Actually, I also have this warning, but Steam integration works perfectly.
Could you provide your GameTarget and EditorTarget C# build scripts, as well as your DefaultEngine.ini?

I already have this problem since I started with Unreal, I already added the latest version of the SDK gives steam in the created folder Engine / ThirdParty / Win64 and Win32, I already put the code OnlineSubSystemEngine in the DefaultEngine.ini and I already activated all plugins of the type OnlineSubsystemSteam and OnlineSubSystem, I have also imported AdvancedSessions and AdvancedSessions plugins and enabled both, and I use the packaging configuration for sending using pak and gunk files and in the gunks, and when I go to the packaging it appears a yellow error (WARNING) Steam API Disabled !
OnlineSubSystemSteam / Shutdown!

And when I finish packaging I open my game and nothing Steam runs inside the game (I was sure steam was running) but nothing, it only works in the editor.

I need a tutorial because I already did everything and it does not work.

Download in this link because I could not upload here in Epic Games
Project files:
Unreal files: wait im uploading…

What did you mean by Typos? I got the code to put in DefaultEngine.ini on Unreal’s own website, but I’ll do what you said.

Make sure you set up everything like it is described there:

E.g. you didn’t use bUseSteam = true in your Target Files and have some Typos in your config file.

Idk if it matters but you wrote ipNetDriver instead of IpNetDriver, and the SteamNetDriver line is not in quotes and not with the /Script/ directory. Like I said i don’t know if that matters, but primarily you should update your target.cs files to use bUseSteam = true;

OK, The first step is for me to remove the: bUseSteam = true; of Default.Engine.ini
Second step is I add ipNetdriver, to the / Script / directory directory.
And the third step is for me to update my target.cs with bUseSteam = true

Nothing, I followed the tutorial, I tried to do everything but nothing of work, knows some site where I can download the project already with this engine in operation with steam for packaging? It does not matter the Unreal Engine version.

Hi, firstly please don’t post another answer for everything you write. Use the comment function of my first answer.

Second, please follow the whole tutorial. I don’t know why you had the idea to remove bUseSteam of your DefaulEngine.ini, it doesn’t exist there.

Please make sure that the following steps are correctly executed:

  1. Add the DLL’s steamclient.dll, tier0.dll and vstdlib.dll to the specified folder in the Engine (steamapi.dll already there). The same for the 64-bit versions

  2. Update Build.cs and Target.cs with the lines specified

  3. Change the Default.ini to contain the specified lines.

  4. Also make sure to create a development build. If you create a shipping build you have to manually create a steam_appid.txt-file in the folder of your .exe (not the root of the packaged game but GameName/Binaries). In that file there should be your gameid (480 for testing)

It worked, thanks for helping me :slight_smile:

Hi Birdfree I’ve found that whenever I try to update my build.cs and target.cs it’s overwritten during the packaging process and returned to default. Any ideas how to set this correctly?

I had the warning and it works now even though the I could never update my .cs files.

The main culprit was the steam_appid.txt

how is this an accepted answer ?