Is it recommended to use an SSD over an HDD? What are the pros and cons? As of right now, I can’t afford disk space on my SSD.

It is faster on an SSD, way way faster on a 4th gen M.2 - but if you haven’t got space - it all still works on an HDD - I have a lot of projects I work on an HDD and they aren’t too painful…

I prefer SSD because it makes disk access much quicker. My laptop restarts in less than 10sec, and I feel data access in general are faster. Also, I use my old SSDs as external hard drives connected via USB cable with fast access. I haven’t heard any cons regarding working with SSD.

As @RecourseDesign mentioned, Using SSD is advised as they are much faster than HDDs.

If possible keep your engine and project both on SSD. HDDs are going to be painful when your project size increases (I’m not sure on what scale is your project being made.)

If you have very limited space you can do the following:

  1. Make sure to uninstall components that you do not use from the Epic Launcher.
    (Like you can uninstall Andoird and iOS if you are not targeting that platforms).

  2. Move the ‘.vs’ and ‘Engine\Intermediate’ folder to SSD and establish symbolic links to the folder’s original location.

Read more about symbolic links here:

Hope this answers your concerns. :smile: