sqlitesupport issues

I have no idea… EpicGames told me a lawyer is reviewing third-party dependency and I have no news since GDC.

But there’s so many Sqlite solutions out there anyways.
I had to make this because all of them seems half-baked and didn’t adress server-side security concerns so I had to build my own.

I also wanted an automated system, I don’t want to waste time using Blueprints to code SQL strings, so I made sure this system generates SQL code by itself instead of forcing me to use nodes to build statements.

It will take time if you submit it, but once in the submission line it has to go faster. I have read their license myself, and the issue there is that they do not specify any model (CC BY, MIT, etc) , but they say it is public domain, which by definition tells the ip rights expired or something related, in which case they are right on going after to confirm this. Since I have worked with the API for long, more than 10years I can confirm this is quite old and for this reason I was using it for bringing SQL solution for small devices (when I was inventing stuff), now it seemed to fit several other purposes since UE table system is just too inflexible and you do need to iterate the whole thing which is expensive as hell.

I will put a hold on it for some time, just let me know if anything progresses.