Speedtree compiler question.

So I’m using speedtree 7.0.7 and when I’m making my grass and go and open the compiler, it says error and that I need to embed geometry in file. Well the problem is I don’t see the option for it in the speedtree modeler, and apparently the option for that was taken off in a previous update. How do I go about doing this so I can get the grass in Unreal? Btw I’m following this tutorial:

Is it possible you’re not using the UE4 Modeler?

I’m not, it’s the cinema edition of it. Can you not do it with the cinema edition? Because I saw the tutorial I linked above and the guy is using the cinema edition so I assumed you could.

Edit: I don’t see the UE4 modeler doesn’t have embed geometry in the file option.

Embedding the geometry is not an option in SpeedTree Cinema and it is hard-coded in the UE4 modeler, i.e., you can’t not embed the geometry in the UE4 modeler. This is the modeler you’ll need if you want to develop trees and grass with SpeedTree for UE4.

I love the speedtree team, You guys are always so friendly and helpful!! I even got a happy birthday email from them! … :slight_smile: I was confused at first about the product but since I learned it, I love it!..

So, you are telling, that there is no way that I can finish my UE4 project with Cinema edition. There is no option for FBX animated foliage from speed tree to Ue4. Simply, not possible without UE4 subsciption?