Source Control password with spaces

So I have just found out that having spaces placed in your password with have Unreal Engine attempt to find folders within (unreal engine version)\Engine\Binaries\Win64 that are named the separate sections of your password.

Hello MadkillerMax,

I am looking into helping out with the issues that you are having, however I am having a little bit of a hard time understanding what exactly the problem is. To the best of my understanding it seems that you are experiencing an issue with having spaces in a file name.

I looked into some possible issues with using spaces in file names and passwords for both perforce and Unreal engine. I hope that some of this information might prove helpful.

  1. Unreal engine does not allow the use of spaces when creating a password for your unreal account.(this is the password that you will use to sign into the launcher.
  2. Unreal engine does not allow the use of spaces when creating a new project or renaming a project that currently exists.
  3. Perforce does not allow the use of spaces in the workspace title. they also do not allow spaces when creating a password.

I also am including a link to some documentation that may be helpful with setup and installation of the engine and source control as well.

Launcher issues:

Source control issues:

Hopefully this will help take care of the issue that you are seeing. If these do not cover the areas that you were looking for, or I have misunderstood the question just let me know and I will make sure to try and find the correct info for you.


Sorry, I did leave out some info. I am using subversion(not preforce) specifically. However when you attempt to connect to a subversion for source control via the Unreal Editor with a password that has spaces, you will encounter an error in which it will look within your engine’s binaries to attempt to find folders that are named as the separate sections of your password.

I have reset my password to a new password that no longer has spaces and I am able to use source control, but I do believe this to still be a bug.


Thanks for the report! This does indeed sound like a bug and I have filed it internally as issue UE-11274.

Ah I understand much better now MadkillerMax,

I think you are correct and that is indeed a bug, I also believe that Tom nailed it above. The bug is in the database as UE-11274. I will keep and eye on it for you and let you know when changes have been made.