Sound Designer|Composer|Dialog Producer - Matt Dear Game Audio

Hi all

My name is Matt Dear, a Sound Designer, Composer, Dialog Producer and Audio Implementor based in London, UK. I’ve been working in the games industry for 5 years, both as a freelancer and in-house at OMUK, a world-class game dialog studio. During this time I’ve worked on many, many projects, from the smallest indie to the heftiest of AAA titles, performing a variety of audio roles. Using my industry expertise and wide network, I am a one-stop shop for all things audio.

I am currently looking for new projects, so if you like what you hear, please get in touch.
You can find my portfolio and more information about me on my website:

I took part in LD46 Game Jam last week, me and my team made a short PS1-era horror game, ECHOSTATION. I did Music, SFX & level design. My first game jam! Something I’ll definitely be doing again

Looking for new projects!

I put together some SFX that didn’t quite make it into my LD46 game. But I think they turned out great, think Mud Monster…

I’m looking for new projects again!

I’ve posted some new tracks to soundcloud if you’re interested: