Software Engineer - Unreal Engine (Facebook)


  • Build and enhance rendering pipeline
  • **Configure the synthetic scene, avatar, and animation in Unreal Engine 4 **
  • Launch and monitor render jobs on render farm
  • Collaborate in a team environment, working with researchers and software engineers

Team Name:

Work location:
Preferably in Redmond, WA

Talent Required (Hard Requirements):

  • 2+ years of full time experience using Unreal Engine 4, specifically projects with C++ code and Blueprint
  • 2+ years of full time experience with Visual Studio and C++
  • 2+ years of avatar rigging and animation design with Unreal Engine 4
  • 1+ years of experience on render farm and render job automation
  • Strong troubleshooting and debugging skills
  • Strong in data structures and other software engineering fundamentals

Nice to Have:

  • Game development experience is a huge bonus, especially if they have shipped a game commercially
  • Any 3D modeling or graphics experience in Blender, Maya, or other tool would be a bonus
  • Experience developing code plugins in Unreal Engine 4
  • Experience modifying Unreal Engine 4 engine source code
  • Any experience with appearance modeling, lens simulation, and sensor simulation

Bianca Thomas
E-mail: [EMAIL=“”]

It is still open.

Interesting that 20% of employees work in the RL division. Just more ‘Surveillance Capitalism’ tho. :wink:
So sell out and go work for Facebook??? Lets see, that’d be like going to work for ‘Big Tobacco’! :p​
And no matter what’s its like actually working there, it’d be hard to separate the firm from the man. :mad: