Smoothly push player while not moving?

I just turned off sweep on the node on the left and the “torqued slide” (good name?) changed from the Y + moving platform to the X- platform.

I’m not sure I understand exactly how this solves the pushing issue but I’m not complaining…seems it just cancels each other out.

If I turn both sweeps off then nothing happens and its back to herky jerky. If I toggle one or the other on or off I can effect either X or Y.

Perhaps @ Everynone can solve this simple problem?

bump bump…anyone know what is truly going on here and why does it partially “work” for the problem.

Keep both sweeps and try only moving by 1 and -1 in either X or Y Delta, not both. It solved the sliding problem for me, seemingly.

I’ve been battling with this problem myself and just wanted to add that it is insane that this issue hasn’t been addressed by Epic yet. I mean, the bread and butter of this engine is ThirdPerson games :frowning:

This is a very good solution to my problem. Is there any update to this method? Or is this the best solution so far. Thank you for your answer. I have benefited a lot