Slow character on other computers?

HI everyone.

I have a weird question. When I package my project, it plays fine on my computer, everything works normally. But when we tested it on my friend’s computer, somehow the character is slow, and even his jumping are like if gravity was halved.

It is really weird, and I have no idea what I did wrong. This never happened before, which worries me even more. Here is the project, if someone is brave enough to help me

have you considered “Deltatime” when you developed the game?

Sounds like delta time. When you’re moving your character by so much every frame but don’t multiply the rate by delta time, it ends up moving slower when the FPS is lower or faster when the FPS is higher.

If you multiply the rate by delta time, the character will always move at the same rate regardless of the frames per second the game runs at.

Just keep in mind delta time is usually in the 0.016-0.033 seconds range, so if you multiply the movement rate it will make the movement much, much slower. You’ll have to account for this and adjust the rate. Think of the rate as moving in x unreal units (cm) per second, whereas previously it was moving at x uu per frame.

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Tried this, and it does not change anything sadly. This ends up having the exact same problem

I can not continue until I have solved this, I tried google, but I can`t even say what the actual problem might be, so my searches are too vague to get results.

Hmm, could you post a video of the game being played on the separate computers? Have you tried the packaged game on your computer as well, or just the game in editor?

I tried it packaged on my computer, the exact same version I gave my friend. Right now I can’t film it, my friend with who i normally test it is gone for the week.

I tried your project and I get the same thing happening. It’s like everything is in slow mo. It’s as if you have slowed gaming using time dilation. You haven’t set the global time dilation anywhere have you?

Since I have no idea at all what you are talking about, I guess I did not change it xD

Just tested, and found something interesting:

If I limit the framerate, the game is choppy (20 fps does that), but goes the normal speed.
But if I put enough foliage to drop my fps to 20,THEN it goes in a kind of slow-motion

I also jsut realized I linked the actual game instead of the project. Here is the link to the project

I can’t help you with this as I’m not using UE5 and therefore can’t open your project correctly. Hopefully someone else can provide you with an answer.