Slate Tutorial

I apologize for this. I talked to a UE4 dev and I was mistaken about that, any build you would want to use is fine. I just tested the sources with 4.2.1 and everything worked in a debug build. I didn’t even change a single line of code other than the #includes in cpp files to match my project’s name.

Hi! Please tell me how Can i use custom cursor with slate?

Hey guys, Thanks so much for giving me a starting point with Slate. I went through the tutorial a few hours ago and noticed many of the things have changed with the 4.8 update.

I took the initiate and updated the tutorial so it works with 4.8 I tested all the code I put in and made sure everything works.

This archive has error. I can’t unzip it. Please fix it.

I’ve been out of practice for a couple years, wow guys you kept this alive to 4.8.

Katianie ty so much, I cant comment on validity but wiki shows lots of people have continued working on this. Glad someone found this useful, takes me back.

I should really go and clean up the comments, they are way to much “here and now” and not “top down” view of the relationships of objects.

The whole strong vs weak pointer comments should be more focused on what owns what, strong pointers imply member data and in case of weak pointers, comments should just provide a warning “be sure pointer is valid before use.”

In a “hello world” I feel people shouldn’t be encouraged to write spaghetti code, and instead taught to follow standard C++ style, construction/destruction, strong/weak pointers should reflect that, I dunno, what does Epic think about using strong pointers…

What I’m trying to say is the comments should be brought in line to represent the standard UE4 coding practice/guide.

So… You’re actually planning on updating it? :smiley:

Hi all. Three years from then, I was studying slate and found this useful tutorial that was, as everything in the wiki pages, not updated since 4.9.

I gave it a whole overhaul to 4.18 and updated everything, including comments and stuff that I thought could be confusing. I added additional comments and stuff copied from the documentation while having problems to find answers to certain compile errors I was having.

There are parts where I don’t exactly know why we are doing it this way… but it works right now.

I prefere not to include images on tutorials, since they normally are outdated all the time. I used explanations with text so that updating it is easier in the following versions.

Thanks for the tutorial ! hopfully this still helps other people in the future.