Sky Seasons - WIP

I have truesky only cost a cool 150 pounds, you get to use the sequencer for ten months only, then after that the plugins yours but you then have to hand script the clouds after that, I think you should keep the sequencer all the time since you have already paid a lot of money already, 150 pounds even to a small studio is a lot of money I think, however the performance was very good I had a large island map, ocean plain thousands of trees, rocks and foliage of all types with no slowdowns at all when playing on the map.

The plan for SkySeasons is to offer equal or superior performance compared to TrueSky, better visuals and a full product with single purchase and perpetual updates, and what I think most important: complete source code.

Hi everyone! I have been studying the new volumetric cloud system that will start to appear in UE4.26 (hopefully, and it is not the same on 4.24/4.25) which is a solution with pixel and compute shaders (plugin), very complex, robust, which integrates automatically with the new Sky Atmosphere, support shadowing and God rays out-of-the-box, and it is designed as a realistic look (maybe not properly accurate as a weather system) and very optimized for gaming. It is possible that it might surpass by far the proposal I had in mind for Sky Seasons and since it is a engine feature where a big and competent team is behind it, I don’t think it is feasible for a small studio like mine to compete, since they will be always ahead of issues that new changes into the engine will produce. With that said, I have been working a lot more with Cloudscape Seasons, which is a blueprint solution, and aggregating features from Sky Seasons with great success and that I will show in a video soon and releasing it to the marketplace quite shortly after.
I have made promotions in the past granting people who have purchased Cloudscape Seasons to have Sky Seasons for free, so in that matter, bringing features and performance from Sky Seasons to Cloudscape Seasons is a way to fulfill that promise.
Lets see what the entire new Epic’s cloud system will be when 4.26 arrives and probably I might make videos and offering consulting fees to improve it/modify it for other purposes (ie stylized look, custom cloud shapes), because I won’t be able to offer a product based on that code (almost 100% sure).