Simple Procedural Planets - BP only

Astroneer is a cute looking game… Low poly Space Engineers meets Kerbal SP…???


Entirely unselfishly I say, why not give away this procedural tool to the community for free (PR) :stuck_out_tongue:
More seriously, why not team up with a procedural foliage project to help populate the planets?

Problem is - the generation time. These planets are not generated in real time, and the generation takes ages. So, for now it’ll stay like this.
To team up, well, will think about it. Thanks.

A little update. Been working on other systems now, for a real time map grid generation (turned lame imo) with POI signatures, and vehicle physics on a planet. Well, the last one works just fine. Also tried to make some decent model, still early WIP.

Looks super cool Z :slight_smile:

(p.s. you drive like me)

Very nice man. Keep it up!!!

Quick update.
Using Runtime Mesh Component now, got 3 more shaders done for planets - moons and flat shading.

Here’s a screenie.

This looks really cool keep up the awesome work :smiley:

This is awesome. I’d probably buy this if it was on the marketplace in some form

Yep same here.
@Z-enzyme - Since you switched over to the Run time mesh component how has performance been?

@HeadClot To be honest - no idea. Still hitting over 80 FPS on each of my planets (IF they are not moving). I’m waiting for LOD, LOD dithering and other stuff, then this might give me a big performance boost. Or I need to learn how to actually use it properly :stuck_out_tongue:

Most performance eats up grid creation, where I have to create an array of vectors for vertices, and the noise offsets, craters, gotta figure out how to do that on different thread, probably will hit C++ next week to see if I can manage.

The BIG problem I have now is, as you see the screen above, the mesh striping between water and terrain. It’s caused by the scene depth optimization. No idea how to get rid of it without heavy material ingeration and pixel offset changing.

This looks awesome! I cant wait to see how far you go with this. Hopefully with the release of no mans sky, that that doesnt slow you down on this haha

Hah, naah, not really, I’m not a release buyer, I’m probably going to wait like a week or two for some user reviews. Then my existence will turned to three activities. Sleep, Eat, Play NMS.

In that case…

I was the one who paid $1300 for NMS <cough> and can confirm its really bad.
So I guess that leaves more time for developing your own project instead then :stuck_out_tongue:

You would have an instant buy from me.

Haha nice try :slight_smile:

Allright. As I can see there’s a different project doing exactly the same with BP. No reason to continue working on this kind of thing I guess. You can get a BP procedural planets free there, so I’m out with this one.

I mean, I done with BP only approach. Started to work with C++ this week so I can use different noise functions, and run generation process on different CPU thread.

What I have done so far:
Full C++ grid generation and Noise implementation for Fractal Value, Gradient, Cellular, Simplex.
Custom made (still WIP) normal calculation which is much faster than the one from Procedural Mesh.

Next step is moving all the functions to different CPU thread so there is absolutely no FPS drop during planet generation.

Basically, a segment of 256x256 poly is generated in about 800 ms.



I like this allot more :smiley:

Agree! This one looks more advanced too
Plus, there’s room for competition anyway.
If a dev retires their plugin is dead / frozen.
So we need more devs going head to head…
Or collaborating. Pool efforts / split rewards!

Yours is indeed far more advanced I’m just making a community one so people can take what I’ve done and improve it further, I’d buy yours in a heart beat if it was on the market place. Love your noise generation btw. I’ll probably stick to BP only, even though it’s slower, it gives something for beginners to look at and not be too overwhelmed by code.

To be frank, I gotta say I’m kind’a grateful, thanks to you I got to C++ finally. And turned out not to be that much of a challange really. --so far–
Competition is good XD

Still, as it comes to BP, they are slow. I need fast and accurate results. Couldn’t do that with BP.