Should I Upgrade To 16GB RAM?

Hi all, I was wondering if it would be worth it to upgrade to 16GB RAM for use in development. Currently I use up to 5-6GB RAM in my project but I’ve only made a generally small area so far. I intend to have areas on the scale of the UE4 Kite demo. My PC specs are:

Windows 8.1 Professional x86-64
Intel i5 3570 4.2Ghz
Sapphire R9 270X w/ 2GB VRAM
G Skill Ares 8GB DDR3-1600mhz

A good ammount of ram for developement is allways essential. Im fine with my 12GB on my laptop, which runs Unreal Engine perfect.

It would definitely be worth it. RAM is by far the cheapest upgrade that will make the biggest difference. Having more RAM would mean you don’t have to turn off softwares all the time when you switch between 3d Modeling tool, texturing and the engine.
I used to run 12gb and found it to be way too low so I’m now using 32gb which was well worth it. DDR3 is pretty cheap now. Just make sure it’s compatible with the RAM you already have, same CAS latency, voltage and clock speed saves you lots of headaches.

Having at least 16GB RAM seems to be the prevailing wisdom on this site.

Does anyone have any links to the benefits of this? Epic’s recommended hobbyist specs are a minimum of 8GB RAM (although their workstation spec is 32GB RAM).

Although the engine doesn’t require 16gb, it speeds up workflow tremendously by not having to turn off heavy softwares all the time when switching.

Info from another sim, thread

I have 32GB. Things seem fast and responsive, even with everything open. I’m not sure it’s gotten close to maxing out the RAM (but I like the headroom).

I forgot to mention one thing beforehand. My motherboard, ASRock Z77 Extreme4-M mATX, has 4 DIMM slots for RAM however some people have said that installing RAM into all of the slots causes some sort of stress on the memory chips or controller or something. Is this something that would cause any problems?

16gb is good depending how hard you push your system.
For example 16gb in my case is not enough but its all i have. But i have 4 intensive programs open at the same… so my ram and hdd is always running at max capacity

Okay great. What’s the cheapest Australian store where I can find a new set of G Skill Ares 4x2GB DDR3-1600mhz CAS 9?