Shooter Gun System


Thank you! I don’t know when 4.26 will be out, but I imagine it won’t take long, since we already have many preview versions. What I can tell you that this asset’s next major update will take *probably *1 or 2 months (emphasis on probably), so I guess that would be after 4.26? But there might be minor updates before that.

Anyway, when 4.26 is out, I’ll make sure the asset is compatible with it then, even if I haven’t finished my next update.

Listen, just make the tutorial videos available no sense in making me have to go and verify and dig up the order number and be a pain in the ***.

@chackaloso I don’t like it anymore than you do, but you only need to do this once. On the UE4 site, click on your login -> personal -> transactions. All your Order IDs in less than 5s.

And there aren’t “tutorial videos”, there is 1 video showing how to add your own gun to the project (place sockets, collision, etc.) and, due to the last major update, this video is now partially outdated, since many things were simplified on the new update.

Updated to v1.5.4

Change log:

  • Quick fix - when customizing the gun, it no longer can push map physics objects around when moving

Hello i have a quick question before buying, are the bullets raycast or real bullets ?


It comes with both - projectiles or raycast (traces). In the gun blueprint there’s a var named UseProjectileFire. Switch that to false if you want trace, otherwise it will fire projectiles.

Ok thanks i am buying it then ^^

Thank you!

I sent you an email for the discord :wink:

Hi I just got this from the Marketplace, when I replace the character with my own it messes up the aiming. When I right click the gun no longer comes up and one of the hands is detached from the gun. What am I missing? I added the bone sockets for the camera and the inventory everything else seems to be working fine.

Thanks in advance

Hello, thank you very much!

You need to add the virtual bones to the skeleton and the sockets to the gun sights. Please note that the skeleton needs to be reasonably compatible with the Epic’s mannequin. I have a Discord channel and a video instructions that I need to share with you, please just share your Order ID with me privately (or through email) and I’ll send them to you… thank you again!

Oddly enough the engine crashed and when I re-opened it the aiming was fine lol, I sent a pm for the discord. Great job on this man it’s the best one I’ve seen!

Thank you! I’ve just sent you a private forum msg.

Hello got some issues with your system i´m always couple units away ( right direction and down direction ) from the center of screen while aiming. Must say i recreate your project so it fits to mine but the core is the same as yours. Any idea?:rolleyes: Discord would befine

@RatByteOfficial I’d say this looks like the Camera socket on the head bone is not pointing straight forward, or you’re missing a node in the anim graph that straightens the head bone during gameplay. Please send me your order ID in private (or email) and I’ll send you the Discord invite.

How bullets fly in this project? From the eyes or from a weapon?

@GNOM373 From the camera. Bullets flying from the gun’s barrel would mean you’d need to zero each of your sights.

I just done testing the latest demo build version of your shooter gun system from marketplace and wanted to know will you work on the held weapon collisions , cause I found out that weapons do overlap with world static(might be physical) objects …

@Goutamnath93 I’m not sure, that isn’t a priority in this project. That feature might end up being included in the future, but I have to say you shouldn’t count on that…

I bought this and was able to get it 99% working in my existing project after a few hours. I got the sights added and ADS is working well, but I can’t figure out where the left hand placement is set up. I need to adjust that left hand for my existing rifles.