Sharing my BP_Lift

I’m sharing my Blueprint lift as there hasn’t been one added to the engine as far as I could find.

It nearly entirely follows the BP_Door tutorial found here up to a point, using a switch to activate isn’t in there. <>

There are a few things different that actually make it a lift. The trigger volume is bound to the lift to start.

It does expand upon the tutorial in a few ways as well.
You can scale the base and lift individually, you can hide the base, start the lift from the top, and even make it rotate. It does a little more than a straight up and down lift will do actually as you can also move it along x and y.

The rotation can be ignored in a couple of ways. Now that I’m writing all this out I’m not sure why I put the “is rotating” switch in there as it can easily be non rotating just by not setting a rotation speed variable. The rotation is also a bit tricky to tweak, just bare in mind that it works on dividing the overall animation.

Also, this was created in 4.2 so you may need that to drag this into your project.

You should be able to simply unzip the file and drag the contents into your projects content folder, though I haven’t shared anything till now and I’m not entirely sure if that’ll be true.

Hope this is helpful. It’s my first working bp so any feedback is appreciated.

Working link!

A couple of things I forgot to mention.
Big thanks to the author of that tutorial and Zak’s VTMs for helping me figure out with some of what I was doing wrong with some of the aspects.

Also, not sure how much this really matters, but this is based from the UT character as it is at this point. Which is also why using a switch wasn’t important. Who wants that in UT! However, the lift should be able to be set off in some sort of future game type like Onslaught or Assault!

I’m moving this to Community Content, Tools and Tutorials section. Thanks for sharing!

Sorry, I hadn’t noticed that section. BP looked fitting so I dropped it there.


Your link doesn’t appear to take you anywhere. Well, rather, it takes you to OneDrive, but there is no lift or any files.

Sorry for that. It looked like it worked to me because I was signed in at the time. Now it looks like it works and is public.

It’s probably better it didn’t work! I didn’t realize how bad I broke some things getting others to work.

I fixed it up a lot and now I think it works like it should.

If anyone can help me figure out how to get the timeline curve into the editor for LDs to manipulate without having to open the BP that would definitely be cool!

Working link!