Setting and packing for android market

Hello everybody.
Now it’s time for my first publication of a simple game.
please help me to understand followingManufacture.

  1. What settings set for beta testing and release (shipping)
  2. The true test will be whether to create multiple pak files for different devices (textures etc1 …), what else should I pay attention?
  3. What else can I miss or do not know
  4. Different devices have different CPUs and graphics cards (adapters), you need to take this into account when packing.
  5. api different devices, one pak file
  6. keys. certificating for my project

Hey jetseet,

Have a look at our documentation:

Also, I have a couple of suggestions:

  • Package for ETC 2 because it will make the .apk the smallest.
  • Test on multiple devices to ensure compatibility.

If you run into any issues when packaging, take a look at our troubleshooting guide:

Have a great day

СПАСИБО большое - thank you very match
for keys:

  1. I create key store in android studio
  2. Put this key file in my build directory
  3. After in project settings in my project, I set in distribution signing my keystore.jks
  4. and try publishing in google store (alpha test)

I’m sorry that I did not find the information, or rather found, just want to ask you whether I’m doing right.
information taken from here (about keys) - Unreal Engine 4 • » Создание ключа для apk

Just to clarify, did you have further questions, or did the documentation resolve your issue?