Scaleform or alternate HUD methods

Hi im planing a project that is for i would say 50% animated HUD. Complex Crafting, Inventory, Many Lists and things like this. All this stuff would be quite easy to realize with Scaleform so far as i know . But we dont have money to buy commercial licence for it.

Im not that deep in c++. So to realize all that in c++ would be very hard. Is there another way to create complex HUD Elements beside Scaleform?

I am very new to UE4 and I have also used ScaleForm in UDK previously, so I stand to be corrected, but my understanding is that in UE4, ScaleForm is basically replaced by Slate UI system. It seems very powerful, but I still need to learn how to get a Slate UI in-game.

Hey Rexaka and ,

There is some documentation on Slate system you can read up on here:

There’s also a tutorial on our Wiki page you can try out here:

Hope that helps!

If you prefer Scaleform, you can use it, but you’ll have to use a third-party add-on, which costs and isn’t supported officially by Epic by looks of things.

#800+ Lines of Code, Sample HUD Class Writing to Canvas

I have posted an 800+ line complete sample class, and a VIDEO demoing it here:

800+ Line Sample HUD Class

I strongly favor this approach. Slate is not data-driven right now and doesn’t integrate with Blueprint, and I’m not seeing any signs that it will evolve into something useable.

We’re building a new UI system to let us customize appearance of UI elements interactively (UI element sizes/positions, etc) and integrate it with Blueprint.

To add to this, we have received confirmation from Autodesk that currently Scaleform does not integrated with UE4 on Mac, and if you are windows, you cannot package for iOS or Android from UE4. So pretty much useless to us. We’ve built most of UI in scaleform in Unity3D, and wanted to migrate to UE4 while we’re not too far down production line. But now we seem pretty stuck.

You can try Coherent-UI which uses HTML5/CSS/Javascript to create UI. I am using Coherent-UI and i can confirm it is really good. I use it with Adobe Edge Animate CC.

Hi Ryan, they currently don’t support mac. Besides they said they are releasing on 15th of June. Did you get early access? I have also asked on their forums, but didn’t get a response yet. Wondering wether we can still package to iOS and Android, and if mobile is supported at all.