Saving high score to the web / online leaderboard - workflow?

Hi all,

Want to save high score to the web, so anyone can play the game from any computer and be going up against the “worldwide” leader-board. I can do local save game saving but then just for 1 person / 1 machine. I want the ability to save to web server (php / mysql).

Not much documentation out there on doing this on UE4 & Blueprints, or even if it is possible? How are Unreal developers in 2016 saving to remote leaderboards in Ue4? I can’t imagine I am the only one that wants this. Are Game Dev’s and players content with local storage only?

I don’t even need to make direct database connections from the Ue4 game if that is a major sticking point, if I can do something like a “XMLhttpRequest”. If I can send/get a web request (make unreal send and a URL to the web with variables) then I could do the php / database work myself.

Can someone point me in the right direction?

The best option I have found and will look into if this is what the collective says is my best option is the VaRest plugin. Do you have experience with it? 3rd party plugins are fine if they work, but looking for a Epic sponsored solution first.

Again, I can’t believe that I am the only dev looking for this type of a feature in 2016. How are you all saving data (high scores as an example) to a centralized online leaderboard?


It looks like the only blueprint option is indeed VaRest. And it looks like it does what you want to do.
Now if you’re willing to dabble in C++, just a quick google search throws a few ideas out there:

Good luck!!

i think you are finding exactly this:

I wish there was a pre-built configurable PHP-based (backend) / HTML5 (frontend) leaderboars/achievements/stats system for VaRest plugin. This way anyone could install it on your own server and website, configure it and have your game, regardless of what platform it’s running on, post stats and display them on your website (and in-game).

That would be an insta-buy for me!

I am going to give VaRest a shot. I have a big cup of coffee. The PlayFab seems like an entire back end / dashboard system which may work, but is more than what I want right now. I want something lightweight, small, that doesn’t require authentication. **I want to put that 1980’s high score / initials arcade cabinet effect in my game, that any install of that game could load / write to.
Right now I am trying to see if Blueprints really is an option for full fledged game dev. I thought Epic said in one of their events that “everything you could do in C++ you could do in Blueprints”.

I still am a little shocked that this online storage of scores (for example) seems to be outsourced to plugins. So much effort on particle fine tuning and editor in UE, but no node to for a simple web get/send request?

Thanks for the help all, any other ideas please shoot them to me.

(What this is for BTW - Very early as you can see)

A training utility. A small, lightweight, fast shooter practice, target game. Targets are procedural/randomly placed in room, avoiding blocking elements used to spice up the layout. Going to have some shooting power ups, limited ammo vs time (so spamming gun hurts effictiveness). Really something to be played when you have 5 minutes of down time, which will help your targeting in other FPS style games.


Hey Moojamboo, Im working on the same things with my game. I’ve decided to go with Playfab, Which has some of its own plugin (based on Varest), But be warned their SDK for UE4.12 is’nt up to snuff. C++, And Blueprint versions of their plugin seem to work fine so far on UE4.11. Its seems to have all the blueprint nodes you’ll need, But its a little long winded. I too would love to see better options for backend stuff, But until that happens. Gonna have to make do with either writing your own stuff in C++, Or using Varest/Playfab, Or Gamesparks for Blueprint. You could write your own entire backend. And use just Varest , And still stay blueprint on the UE side, But the backend stuff is its own entire can of worms. Prepare to learn about 5 new languages. Anyway if you have any questions i can answer. Fire away. Good luck.