SaveGame not working?

Thank you. I will try this later in the day and give you updates.

I deleted rest of the project files because I don’t have much free space in my disk.
It is very easy to copy and paste the files under Content folder to where they should be, isn’t it? I edited your files with 4.20.3 version of engine. If you have below v4.20.3, ofc you won’t be able to open files in your engine.

Hi Ottoman! Sorry if I am being rude but it is it ok if you send me back the uproject file because I am having trouble getting it in my game. This would be very much appreciated so I can test out the project that you edited. Also if you have a discord, can you message me at RedBall#5640 so we can keep in touch.

Ok. I will do this later in the upcoming day. Let you know what happens.

Hi Ottoman! It works now! Thank you so much for your help! Before I resolve this question, I was wondering if you can explain to me what my error was. Thanks!

I don’t remember very well but;
I deleted unnecessary save/loads from your files.
I deleted unnecessary castings.
You were saving newly created save object to save slot in GameMode. That was the main problem. Other similar problems were on GameMode or Controller or Pawn BP. I am not sure which one because there were too many unnecessary usings of Save/Load. And I deleted all of them.
You need to save highscore from UI BP with checking if Score is greater than HighScore as I posted at first answer. For example you didn’t check that IF anywhere on your blueprints.

Ok Thanks so much!

Glad I could help! Have fun with your project.

You need to accept the answer btw :slight_smile:

Sorry my bad

I was with the same problem. I was generate a key for a spawnable object to avoid it to be spawned again when level is loading and awlays receive a false when trying to save.

The reason for that, for me is a ‘|’ character that i was used to generate this key. I remove it and everthing is fine. So avoid special characters from the save slot name.