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What kind of polycount are we looking at for those trees?

3D food printing and your scenes in VR and boy, I don’t need to go outside, like ever… :smiley:
Astonishing work!

*mlindborg : is with LPV? *
Nope, DFAO and DFGI (via the command : r.DistanceFieldGI 1) with movable sun/sky.

  • : Also, in 4.6 they added : Precomputed lighting and shadows are now supported on foliage objects and instanced meshes! …*
    Nope, no precomputed lights.

  • : What kind of polycount are we looking at for those trees? *
    Around 17000 tri for lod0, 6000 for lod1, 2000 for lod2 and lod3 is a billboard.

very neat! love it :smiley:

cheers l

Looking at those trees never gets old, literally had the tab open for 3 days now :stuck_out_tongue:
Looking great so far :smiley:

As always looking too pristine, make it a bit more natural rough.
btw in reality the trees should be bare naked in the snow (apart from the pine trees)

Epic! Unreal! You have to kidnap to work for you… never seen someone more talented here… his techniques are still giving birth to so many projects and enthusiasts!

I really want to be able recreate even one of your outdoor scenes… But there is always something that is missing…

Thanks :wink:

A small snowy gif :slight_smile:


Is that^ an in engine!!!

Pretty amazing, the snow gif is extra !

Hmmm… must be your first time viewing 's work… :stuck_out_tongue: Check out - and the answer is yes :slight_smile:

@ - That gif really reminds me of a town I grew up in. We had a house just outside of town on the edge of the forest, with lots of birch, pine, cedar & fir trees. It’s really striking how similar that shot looks to what I remember, really well done!

Astounding – it’s artists like you who will really blow people’s minds with the realtime capabilities of UE4 over the next few years…

Would you consider putting up a pack of these on the marketplace? Not even licensed for reuse, but just to see the inner workings of a at work :wink: Your “Lightroom” was very illuminating…

That falling snow…****!

Actually i have seen them but with I couldnt believe my eyes :smiley:

I was literally LIKE o_O…then…O_O :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, his work is astounding and I look forward to see snowy scene in particular on the marketplace. By just browsing the page I thought it was a gif of a real life scene, just wow !

I think I’m gonna faint…STUNNING !! Thank you for sharing your incredible work!

make a whole video 60fp so we can all be happy! :d work man

A short vidéo of the snow :


That is beautiful! Amazing work .

Snow flakes seem a bit strange with what seems like trails or maybe that is motion blur? I’m not sure exactly, but something about the snow flake particles is a little off.

video ! It looks so real, and so familiar… Love it :slight_smile:

My only critique would be the snowflakes look too much like a perfect star shaped snowflake, the ones that fall as perfectly shaped are usually tiny. Most snow flakes around here are a bunch of smaller flakes stuck together. The size is just right, but it should appear more as a fuzzy ball instead of having the star shaped individual flakes. For the most part it isn’t noticeable as it’s falling, so it still looks great!