Run-Time import of OGG Files? Anyone got this working?

Hi All,

I am in production on 4.25 and we are want to add the option to import and play .ogg file. I have Tried at least 3 plugin option ( EMF and Ramas and a Random GitHub one ] and non of them will actually play the sound. I can access the returned object as valid, get the length in seconds but not actually play the sound.

Realtiminport and runttimeaudioimporters plugin works with .wav files (and mp3/flac) but nothing works with .ogg. The ogg file imports fine into the editor as a soundobject.

Stuck and need some help, if someone has written a plug in that works and allow to pause/ play then we are happy to buy.


I tried Rama’s and it worked (version 4.20):

Yes Thanks it appears to not work from .23 onwards.

Yeah, I saw that notice on the EMF plugin, and on the RuntimeAudioImporter github, ogg isn’t listed as supported. I also noticed that the editor doesn’t support ogg for import, either.

An alternative is to convert the ogg into a temporary wav file before importing it, then use RuntimeAudioImporter to import the wav file. You can either use a library directly in your project, or make an “ogg2wav.exe” program and run that from your game, then import the converted file.

When you say wav file importers exist that work at runtime, do you mean that in game a player walks up to something presses a button and is given a dialogue box asking where “a file” (this case a .wav) is on the device and UE4 loads it into memory and can be played?

Hi. RuntimeAudioImporter recently supports OGG Vorbis format: GitHub - gtreshchev/RuntimeAudioImporter: Runtime Audio Importer plugin for Unreal Engine. Importing audio of various formats at runtime.

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