RPG Framework

Yup, I forgot to mention ( my bad , i apologise ) that i built it on 4.1 since my subscription is off any changes made beyond that version are someting i cant look into

Hi, thanks for sharing it.

Im having a truble, I cant get it working, can someone explain what he did?

I did the following:

  • Make new Third person C++ game, called RPG, on version 4.1.1
  • Copied content into the new project
  • Copied source into the new project (without target)
  • Built source for the project
  • Compiled it successfull
    - When I try to open the project in editor I get a crash…

I know the problem is on the sources part, because If I only copy the content, and not source, It works fine, (but obviously I cant use the blueprint because are extending from source)

Thanks in advance

Would it be possible to upload this to git hub?

Just curious :slight_smile:

Hi i updated for 4.3.1 :slight_smile:

There is a couple of things i don’t understand though like where is this so called brigand horizontal swing located in the char bp ? I get an error in the charbp form it and i was trying to replace it with a different anim but i cant find it.

Also i cant get my project to pickup an item. Maybe you should create a really really simple usage tutorial :wink:

Someone decided they did not like my original upload, they reported it and had it deleted. I re-uploaded it. It should work great for anyone on 4.3.1

Archive is located @!jcYRDC4Q
Decryption key is “NKSc7E-lcKcThhsfQim9T-bkosZEVKXrKe-eZyfQlvI” without quotes.

Also located @ if you prefer a link without the hassle of a decryption key.

There shouldn’t be a password in the archive, apparently the last one i uploaded had a password i was unaware of.

All thanks should go to alvarofer0020

Oh hey nice to see this picked up some interest!

Im actually in the process of porting the RPG Framework to UE4 4.4, that means i get to implement UI finally! (Inventory,HUD,Player Stats ) etc

Instead of just porting the code this time im re-writting everything from scratch Since im more familiar with UE4 now and to be honest my previous structure wasnt too good :slight_smile:

By the way thanks for the reupload SaxonRah!

Nice, looking forward to seeing how you do the UI as I could use some examples for my UI lol. I have re-written a lot of my code when upgrading versions as well. It helps me remember what to do as well as getting rid of the old code after realizing a better way to go about doing it.

Looking forward to the 4.4 update to see how things have changed and hopefully help teach me some new tricks that I haven’t thought about yet for my game. :slight_smile:

You’re welcome :slight_smile: I’m really looking forward to the 4.4 release of your framework! Sounds really awesome. Can’t wait to check it out.

If you want I can animate the original epic provided character to have a melee attack and a weapon for your framework release. That way people can compile it then open the project and see how everything is done with an example.

In-fact I’ll do it anyways and release it here in-case anyone needs an animation and weapon to get started. I’ll be back in a short while with an upload. <3

Thats awesome man!, Thanks for your contribution , ill finally be able to release the melee system in all its glory :slight_smile:

Its great to see some activity in this thread again! Cant wait for RPG Framework 4.4 :smiley:

Just thought I’d see if any progress has been made lately! :slight_smile:

is this still in the works, seems cool

I wonder if you’ll include your new c++ inventory system into this one

Not Likely, I dont have enough time to go ahead and write a clean implementation, both can be easly merged with someone who has at least basic C++ skills tough