Rotate a sphere based on a LineTrace

Hey pezzott, thanks a lot. I have to go through it tomorrow, for now it looks scary :scream:



Hey Pezzott,

trying to implement your concept, still not totally clear. Where exactly do you locate the blueprints? F.e. I cant cast to ThirdPersonCharacter in the Interface event, since Third Person Character does not inherit from Player Controller. Maybe you could provide the demo scene?

Try this:

Thanks, will try it.

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Hello pezzott,
thanks again for the blueprint, I got it set up, just one more question: I don’t get what the interface resp. the dispatcher does? I cant connect the CastToTPC to the Bind Event since they have no matching reference.

Event Simple Interact

Ah, I jumped that step. Sorry.

You need to create a dispatcher that calls MouseReleased when that event occurs. This is in the ThirdPersonCharacter BP: