Roll Ball (working name) Android and iOS game

Hello everyone,

Wanted to share a little Android and iOS game that I am working on in my free time in past month or so.

It is casual game that will feature between 30 and 40 unique and different levels, combined with different traps and challenges to overcome.

It will be played through motion controls, which brings a lot of fun and interesting gameplay.

Here is latest video I have shared! Please let me know what do you think, and all suggestions and oppinions are more than welcomed!

Seems like a cool, relaxing game and I love the low poly style. I’d definetly download it from the appstore when it comes to that. :slight_smile: I have one suggestion though. Sometimes you can’t see where the platforms or the traps are at. I’d suggest putting in a function to pan the view, for example with a rotating gesture or with buttons, to make sure players can see everything. Good luck on the project and I wish you the best.

Thanks! That is something that I have wanted to create a relaxing game with an interesting visual style. Thanks for the suggestion as well, that is definitely something that some other people pointed out as well, and I am working on that as well. Cheers!

Another showcase from one of the new levels, again showing a variety from the previous level, with couple new traps. Let me know what do you think!

Sharing another video for the #screenshotsaturday! I hope you all like it and please me know if any suggestions are around!