(Rig mixamo- UE4 epic skeleton) Adventure Animation Asset UE4 marketplace

Hi, I bought the Adventure animation asset from the market place about last week. It works GREAT I absolutely love it. Just I want to share the skeleton it came with (UE4 mannequin skeleton) with my mixamo mesh… I’ve tried rerigging my mixamo character through blender, I’ve tried renaming them, I even bought auto rigger 2.0 for blender. I really want to share skeletons and not retarget considering it’ll just be easier in the long run and I won’t have to retarget every animation from character to character. Can anyone link me or help me figure out a way to share the epic skeleton with my mixamo character?

Is this what you’re looking for?

Hope it helps!

If seen this video so many time :frowning: he retargets the mixamo character because the hierarchy info is different. Im trying to fix that problem by possibly rerigging but so far no one has really tried to do that. Also if I retarget my animations come all jacked up etc. It would be awesome to just change the skeleton and let the animations play out. Right now im trying to import the mannequin in blender and see if I could just change their mesh with my own and then reimport?

Ah sorry I misunderstood your question (even though re-reading your original post it’s pretty clear what you’re asking)

Have you given this wiki a shot?

I personally haven’t had much success with it as the bones can get messed up rotation and weight wise and have typically gone with retargeting

Hi, I got it working, just another question my animation is really “stiff” in A pose compared to the other one and its not as smooth, can you please help?
here is a video comparing the retargeted one vs the original one - YouTube

You’ll want to tweak the animation curves for this. Here is a tutorial that shows how to do it with motion capture animations but it should give you a good idea of how to do it for your project too.


You, Sir, deserve a cookie for pointing us to this!

This post was from 2018.
a lot of things have changed since.

As far as addressing the original question, it’s pretty simple now.

  1. export the mannequin.
  2. open the maximo base mesh in a new blender file
  3. copy the mannequin to the maximo file - copy the pose best as you can, make the maximo pose fit the mannequin.
  4. apply the pose form the wrench tool tab. This will make the mesh freeze onto the pose you setup.
  5. copy the maximo armature to the mannequin file.
  6. remove the maximo bones.
  7. spend a few minutes to several hours renaming the vertex groups to match the unreal skeleton. - create an armature modifier and select root as the armature. Parent the 2 - manually without any groups.
  8. export the FBX.
  9. import to engine - select the existing skeleton.

done. No retargeting needed.

If instead you want to actually get work instead of spending a few hours on renaming vertex group and the whole process, in 2020 you can actually use retargeting. It works quite well. Even if generally those animation packs often sport some bad bone positions that cause issues.

For the curves you can use my plugin to work on them in blender as well…