Revit 2017 To Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial With ScreenShots

Could this same workflow work for AutoCAD Architecture 2016?

Same goes for me… I tough that I am the only one stuck, but this topic helped me understand that I am not alone into this torture…
I have read all the stuff I could find so far, but no luck. I am unable to complete a scene in U4 from Revit.

All the tutorials have missing some important details or just skipped by some reason, and the results never comes to life when try to follow the tutorials.

I think you want to remake your materials in UE4 anyways because Revit doesn’t use PBR. It’s been awhile since I’ve done it so I may be wrong though.

When I bake the lighting my light maps are all messed up. Anyone else have this problem?

Hi, im working with unreal and revit for many months now and recently im encounter a problem, im exporting a house project to max and then exporting to unreal, the problem is that some geometries cant be exported, in this particular casethe walls and some floors, after a week trying to fix this i change the type of walls and it works.

My question is, why some type of walls dont work and other type work peferctly, any idea?

Hi guys can you please help me with first steps in this software? I come from revit and 3dsmax procedure, but i have to put my materials correctly because after procedure, i cannot see anything…
here my result importing model into UDK:


What script do you recommend to convert all materials to standard materials? Thanks for the tips!

This one should do the job !

hi ritesh
if you combine your meshes then you must have bigger lightmap size in ue4 simething like 2048 or 4096 for combined objects

and it will make it hard to unwrap in 3ds max and baking light in ue4

ue4 does not have problem with 3000 object so you can import them in separate way

Hi Farshid.

I follow all the steps and when I put materials in unreal it gives me problems. In a wall, for example, after aplying material; it is all in a single color or single diffuse color. I do not know if it something about units, in revit you put mm units (also 1000m in other step).

I m trying for time but don’t get a good result.


hi Lorenzus77

if you select combine meshes ] option . you will have static mesh with layered material

Thanks, I owe you one!!

Please help.When I am using that steamroller script,the 3dsmax get stuck at 52% and I later get a not responding message.
And by the way what does this script do?