Required dependencies for UE4 games.

I am also in the same situation. Without having administrative rights, the prerequisites can’t be installed making my project unable to be played at all by many I’d like to give it out to. Was anyone able to find a solution to this? Also I too am curious about the “Include prerequisites” toggle. Does this then install everything a client would need to run my game if they have administrative rights on their computer?

Yeah please say that there is an answer to this! We badly wants to use UE but the stupid dll requirements is still stopping us.

Would also like an answer for this. We are looking at getting an enterprise agreement with Epic at work and this is a huge hurdle in getting exports running on our tightly locked down IT systems.

Recent builds of the editor have an option for staging “app local dependencies”, meaning that it will copy all the DLLs from a folder of your choosing to the output directory containing your executable. It’s in the project packaging settings menu, under the advanced section, and called “Applocal Prerequisites Directory”. If you have access to GitHub, you can point it at the Engine/Binaries/ThirdParty/AppLocalDependencies directory and have it include all the Visual C++ 2015 DLLs with your packaged game.

There are other dependencies needed to run UE4 on a clean machine (I’m pretty sure XInput1_3.dll is one, but there may be others), so we’re going to run some tests and try and get it filled out for a future release. It wouldn’t hurt to have a more obvious way of enabling it than having to manually point it at that directory, too. :slight_smile:

Hi Ben Marsh,

Has your team had a chance to run the tests?

Hello. Im looking for this too. Any word on this?

When using the Project Launcher he doesn’t include this UE4_Prereq… file, is there an option to do this?

What are 4.19 pre requesites?
Game crashes on clean machines when tested by Steam and included c++ 2015, net 4.5 and dx2010

Recent builds of the engine have the following requirements. It hasn’t changed in some time, so it should apply to older versions of the engine too: XInput 1.3 (April 2007)
X3DAudio 1.7 (February 2010)
XAudio 2.7 (June 2010)
D3D Compiler 4.3 (June 2010)
D3DCSX 4.3 (June 2010)
D3DX9 4.3 (June 2010)
D3DX10 4.3 (June 2010)
D3DX11 4.3 (June 2010) Also the Visual Studio 2015/2017 redist and universal CRT.

The notable things from that list are the XInput, X3DAudio, and XAudio dependencies. These aren’t included in standard installations of DirectX (and aren’t distributed with the OS by default), and have to be installed manually or distributed with the application.

For Fortnite, we use the “app local dependencies” option I mentioned earlier. All the files above are stored in Engine/Binaries/ThirdParty/AppLocalDependencies - they’re just copied from subfolders under there next to the executable during packaging.

We have an updated docs page explaining this, but it seems to have got stuck in review before being published. I’ll try to get that moved along.

Any chance we could get the name or a link to that Docs Page?

I just pulled down source build 4.22 and it appears that it is also missing the Redist folder. I’m using the same one from my own engine versions which seems to work, but I just want to make sure there have been no changes to UE4PrereqSetup_x86.exe or UE4PrereqSetup_64.exe within the past several releases.

I tried checking the box for using the local dependencies and designated the folder specified above but the project.exe still throws the exception that it needs DirectX runtime. I am using the source code version of 4.19 and the build process does not throw any exceptions. Is there something specific I need to change about the build process in order to get it to work properly?

Is there actually a way to get rid of those dependencies so that the users don’t even need to install DirectX 9 runtime? I take it that XInput is there because of a controller support and X3DAudio1_7 has something to do with… well, audio. What if our app doesn’t need either (it’s not a game)?


This is the only place that I could find information on this subject that kind of helped. I need to know what type of file does the Prerequisites need to be in, where do we need to put them, and do we need an installer for them? I have been accepted to Steam, my store is up and going, but I can’t get my game online until I resolve this issue. I have personally sent Epic Games an email, but with no reply. I am sorry for rambling, but a lot of us Newer Developers are having a Major Problem in this area. Please, can someone create a “Packaging Section” to help us all out? There needs to be a tutorial, or documentation that includes all of the relevant information on this subject.