[Request] Where to learn UE4 C++?

I’ve been reading up for days on the official documentation and official tutorials and I could not manage to learn anything substantial for coding in UE4. What isn’t outdated in the official documentation is incomplete, so I can’t learn even if I try going directly to the API and doing it the hard way. And the tutorials either assume you know a whole lot or that you never wrote a line of code in your life. I have basic C++ knowledge but it does me no good with UE4’s C++.

It’s really frustrating, I want to learn it but I can’t find any good educational material.
Where did you guys learn Unreal Engine 4 C++? Any recommendation of something I should be looking for?
I’m loving the engine and I won’t stop trying to learn it, but it’s being a really painful road, so I finally decided to ask for help. Please?

I recommand you this link bellow, it helped me a lot easy and all good stuff to learn step by step.

Link : C++ Programming Tutorials | Unreal Engine Documentation

Don’t be fooled by myths :stuck_out_tongue: UE4 C++ is normal C++ all C++ things work there as they normally would, UE4 simply got some macros for reflection system and it’s own standard library which you need to learn ( so for example insted using std::string you use FString and insted std::vector you use TArray)

UE4 C++

I am writing a book on UE4 C++ right now!

Also see every wiki I’ve ever written here:

UE4 C++ Code Wiki

Can you ask Pearson / Addison-Wesley / O’Reilly to publish your book as an important educational textbook material for game design programs/departments who are picking up C++ coding? The industry has told our professors repeatedly that they are lacking C++ developers, and has forced my majoring program to switch to Unreal Engine 4 for its C++ game programming courses.

Here’s a book that looks decent.

I’m about half-way through reading it now. Seem geared toward C++ novices, but might prove helpful if you’re lost.

All these responses…

Thank you so very much, guys!
I’m looking into all of this!