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@UnrealEnterprise I really didn’t want to use the forum for this purpose but I have been through almost ALL pages on both the Epic website and the Unreal website looking for contact details for someone employed in the business. I would like to speak with someone who has insight regarding Unreal Engine, VR, narrow AI and general AI in the light of a potential Master’s dissertation topic for architecture. Please could someone from Unreal contact me. I only require an initial 5-10min of time or even a short email conversation.

did you try with Premium Support ?

Yes. It returns with an error and then re-directs to Community Support.

you need a custom license for using that else you will get login error.

Thank you. I think I tried this option and my mail landed up with someone at Epic who redirected me back to Unreal via the community Forum. Going round in circles now. REALLY hoping that someone at Unreal sees this post.

Don’t have good news. I’ve tried bumping threads like this one below before to the tuneful sound of crickets. :open_mouth: Epic have become kinda like a central bank too busy printing money to even acknowledge. I only post on here because I enjoy using the tech and have naive hopes that the Community can be restored someday to former UDK glory (total day-dream I know :stuck_out_tongue: ). As Epic have put up more barriers than an anti-immigrant wall and make it difficult to impossible to reach anyone unless you’re pre-existing gamedev royalty. So if you can’t reach anyone through Epic emails or Twitter / Reddit you’re probably SOL (sorry). :wink:

First of all by definition general AI doesn’t exist yet, not even gpt-3 falls into the category of general AI.

Have you tried your local Unreal Engine Evangelist? Most of us can be @'d on twitter. I don’t know if we can answer most of your questions though.

We can answer general Unreal Engine questions (like any other forum user really), but we don’t have true AI in Unreal Engine. We enable users to create their own Behavior Trees so they can create their own AI, and tools surrounding that: Artificial Intelligence | Unreal Engine Documentation, but there’s no support for general AI in the engine out of the box.

You might want to check out some of the community plugins that allow you to use AI libraries with Unreal Engine, like this one that allows you to use Tensorflow: GitHub - getnamo/tensorflow-ue4: TensorFlow plugin for Unreal Engine 4, we even gave them a megagrant.

In your case the Unreal community will likely have more experience with AI than anyone at Epic that you could get in contact with. For your dissertation you would be casting a wider net by not limiting the people you want to talk to to Epic employees only.

I don’t want to be rude but I am not surprised they are not reading your post. Do you know how many people want to have access to Epic engineers like you? Thousands, if not tens of thousands. If they talked to anybody, they wouldnt have time to do their job.

You need to sign up for premium support if you want to enter into a discussion with them. It costs 1,500 USD a year to enter the Enterprise program.
I also did not get an answer at first, but keep trying and eventually they will. This also shows that even the demand for this support is huge…

Thanks everyone.

If anyone from Unreal does ever read this post, all I’m asking for is 5min - even 1 email conversation will do.

I did answer…

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The truth is that this page is difficult to find and is not in the support section of the Unreal website. :disappointed:

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Thank you @Ari_Epic

I have a bug where I cannot import about 1/4 of my Marketplace assets, which amounts to a significant some of money. After the tech-support went trough their “check-list”, I got told to fill in a bug report, and never got an answer. So I basically wasted a lot of money, and they don’t even care about that.