Remove project (without deleting) on right click.

please, PLEASE add a right click menu item to the Epic games launcher that allows us to remove a project from the “my projects” list.

Hi David,

I have to say that it is a pretty nice quality of life improvement suggestion for sure. Between dormant projects, or wanting saved project files, or even to go back learning material without having to redownload.

I’ve passed this along to the team!

Hi @Sam_TinFoil

You can use Windows-Explorer to rename / move / delete projects forcefully, so they disappear from the Launcher ultimately though. Whereas a really critical quality of life issue that there’s no workaround for currently, is forcing the Launcher to INSTALL Plugins, like the case below. The engine is installed btw, but whatever auditing code is used, it simply doesn’t find it:


There’s no solution to this… Or maybe there is, similar to this… So is there a Registry-Key / INI / file-exist tweak, that devs can use to FORCE THE LAUNCHER to install Plugins anyway? This is a huge limitation of UE, that’s been around since the very beginning and was never addressed… Whereas you can force the Launcher to install non-Plugin content just fine, by creating fake (empty) project templates. Can you please pass this along to the team as well Sam???

Thank you for the input, EntrpriseCustomr :slight_smile: I will also pass this along! :slight_smile:


Its rare that Epic staff have time to reply anymore, so a huge thank you for that. :cool:

If there’s an existing workaround in the meantime, then please please ‘share it’.
Everyone knows the Launcher and the Marketplace get less love vs the engine…
So any fixes there take forever. So share a workaround if you have one, cheers. :wink:

We value that feedback :slight_smile:

As for a workaround, the problem is with finding something that works that wouldn’t mess with something else due to entitlement checks and login checks. I’m not sure it could be hacked together to be functional without being an actual feature within the Launcher/Engine. However, I have passed this all along to the appropriate teams. And soon as I hear anything back regarding this, I will let you know! :slight_smile: