Reaction Times

You can record the time when the first click happens, then the second, then minus the first from the second and the difference is reaction speed. You can also count the delta seconds in between clicks.
I’ve made a small vid so you can see the general gist of it.
“First click” boolean defaults to false.
when you perform click #1, it stores the current hour/min/sec/milisec in one long string as “Time one” then sets “First click” to true. When you perform the second click, it sets “Time Two” with the current time string, Sets “First click” to false and then minuses “Time one” from “Time two”, giving you the time between the two clicks. I then convert that float to a string, append “MS” to it and print it and the two times on screen.
As for exporting data from UE4, Rama’s node plugin has that covered for you. It also has a node that will compare any time and I recommend using it, but I also thought id whip an example up so you understand what’s happening.
This same code can be used for anything like time trial checkpoints/lap split times etc, instead of using the mouse click, you use a trigger on the start/finish line or any part of the map you want.