On the issue of buildings can you help ?
I can’t use any buildings with rdLODtools.

Hi Jony6234,

To create optimal LODs for buildings, create a “Billboard” LOD from rdLODtools - specify “General” as the mesh type option and click “Create” - that should build you a LOD for the building mesh. If the materials come out solid white or pink etc, try ticking the “Bake Lighting” option. If you do bake the lighting, make sure in the Mesh Editors “Preview Scene” to turn the ‘Directional Light Intensity’ down to 0, set the ‘CubeMap’ to Null and make sure the ‘Sky Lighting’ is enabled, bright white and set to about 2.0.

The manual has detailed instructions on how to make other changes too.

Like I said, I tested it on different buildings and it doesn’t work well anywhere.
Can you show photos, video of rdLODtools used on a building ?



Hi Jony6234,
Please read my instructions properly and also the manual. If the LOD is a solid color use the “Bake Lighting” option.
Also for your mesh there you will need the “centre pivot” option - all this information is in the manual.
My marketplace page has a picture of buildings with LODs.

How many times do I have to ask you the same question ?
These photos that be shown in the store of the building and not only are not used rdLODtools!
I read your documents, and the result is extremely bad, so you don’t show how it works on buildings.
She has an extremely poor performance on the forests I tested.

I requested a refund for this asset!
For the first time I want a refund but the asset does not do what is shown in its photos in and the description.

I apologize for my poor English.

You obviously haven’t followed my instructions - you would have solved all these things if you had actually tried the things I suggested. I spent about US$40 supporting you when you purchased it for $7.50 and wouldn’t even read the manual properly. Those buildings in the image have definitely got rdLODtools LODs - if you want to go around making allegations like that you are welcome to take me to court so I can prove to you they do.
Can you show me a snapshot of your building LOD created with the “Bake Lighting” option used and the “Scene Preview” Settings I asked you to use?
Also, can you show me the LODs you created that supposedly slow down your scene?

Hey man, from Epic got my money back.
So I can’t test anything.

I told you I read your documents!
I told you I was testing all the options and settings, and the results were more than bad!
I asked for help by asking to you show rdLODtools video photos working on a building, you write me meaningless comments…
I don’t want to explain anything to you.
I have not seen a worse asset!

Fortunately, the support for Epic is very good and they refunded my money.
People do i not recommend you to buy this asset.

Just a note to anyone reading this.

What this user is saying is untrue - rdLODtools works with meshes - there is no difference between a foliage mesh and a building mesh - anyone with a basic understanding of 3D knows this.

The manual has a whole section in it explaining that some materials are complex and rdLODtools cannot extract the pixel data from them. There are several ways to overcome this, also explained in the manual, and I explained the easiest of them to him in a response. I never got a confirmation that he tried it. (I have helped other users with the same response and it has helped them create their LODs)

This user then tried to tell me that the snapshot of the city in the marketplace slideshow is fake and does not contain billboard LODs created by rdLODtools. This is completely false, when I get some spare time I will add some slides that show the LOD view in the editor.

Also, I’m happy to answer any questions people have, but please allow up to 24 hours for a response - especially on a weekend.

Version 1.24 is almost ready for release.

This has some big changes:

Firstly it has a complete rewrite of the rendering of the Billboards. Now it works with almost all meshes.

The second biggest change is that it now uses World Space normals which has dramatically improved lighting interactions with the Billboards.

Along with the update, which I will be submitting soon - there will be an increase in the price taking it to US$25.

Here is a list of all the changes:


  1. Planar LODs were bleeding their normals to the other side of their planes
  2. Planar LODs were not calculating their normals correctly
  3. Created LOD textures were sometimes not copying to the correct place if a material referenced Engine textures
  4. Crash when creating billboard with 64 frames and a 256x256 map
  5. Added routine to make LOD creation wait for materials to finish compiling


  1. Changed to new Capture system that works with almost all meshes
  2. Moved to WorldSpace Normals
  3. Removed Fake Shading
  4. Made some of the defaults more in-line with real usage
  5. Billboard LODs that are on an angle now do not rotate, act more like planar LODs
  6. Frames now start at middle of their rotation to give better visuals


  1. A tilt option to the mesh to help with 270° lighting and low lying objects
  2. A Zoom option to the mesh to help with meshes that are deep
  3. A tilt option to the rendering to help with mesh depth and low lying objects
  4. Normal Strength value adjustment to Material Instances
  5. Opacity adjustment to the Material Instances
  6. Support for Linux

Version 1.24 is now live. The manual will be updated very soon too. As there is a sale at the moment, I will hold off increasing the price until after the sale.
Happy LOD making!

Version 1.24 is now released and the Manual and Tutorials have been updated.