Rama's Vertex Snap Editor Plugin, Download for You!

Hahaha I have to admit this made me laugh :slight_smile:

Yea I should fix that

About the dropping to the floor thing, That worked great in the beta build, but I’ve not figured out the issues in new build, I’ve seen that issue to.

First goal will be fixing this:

“So as a result if you hit the V for the second time without a selection, it will snap randomly on the first vertex your mouse hovers.”

Hi Rama!
This is great!!!

Question: how complex is to access the geometry of a mesh? I’m thinking to apply the same technique from Softimage using ICE ( visual scripting as well ) to UE4, and in order to do this I need to access the geometry of the mesh, mostly vertex position and store them into an array, then modify them using the existing tools/nodes inside blueprints.

Science fiction or doable within Blueprints right now?

“then modify them using the existing tools/nodes inside blueprints.”

you want to change the shape of the mesh itself?! altering vertex positions? !!!


Just making sure I get your question :slight_smile:

Basically yes, altering the mesh itself using Blueprints…think about kind of adding a modifier ( smooth, taper, turbolence modified in 3d studio max ) on the shape.

Here is a brief explanation ( this is just an example of many ) of what the system in Softimage does…in short it takes the point position of a mesh and the point position of an animated mesh, then it create a weightmap based on the average distance between the points of the two meshes.
Tension map using ICE

In short the most important thing is not doing exatcly whats in the linked video, but be to access the point position of a mesh in order to use them for different purposes, since using Blueprints you can access and create logic based on different scenarios ( animation and so on )

I have now fixed the sky sphere bug!

it was happening if you clicked on a new mesh and did not select a vertex, but then pressed V anywhere but on the mesh itself


Direct Download Link](

[FONT=Comic Sans MS]My Vertex Snap Plugin Now Works With UE4 Undo/Redo System

You can nowUndo/Redo all of your vertex snaps and surface normal snaps!


Wiki Link

Thats awesome Rama congrats for the undo!

Downloading and installing right away.

Man I can’t imagine people not using this for level building!

Thanks a lot you’re the best, I’ll use it and let you know if there’s anything else I notice or if it’s already perfect ^^

Hee hee yup do let me know!

Your great suggestions made me do it!



By the way, I forgot to mention, the mode that shows only 1 vertex at a time is kind of useless with the way it works now. So I suppose the U button could be used to just enable/disable the snap tool (enabling=showing all vertices and allows snap function).

Really? I rather like the show 1 vertex option, but I guess I know where the vertices are…

What exactly is useless about it compared to show all vertices?


If anyone has any other display preferences for the Vertices in my Vertex Snap Editor Mode do let me know!


Since I’m new, I haven’t known who you are for very long, but everything I see is off the scale and now I know why :slight_smile:

I’m looking at doing some shape modification in-game by the player, you think I could use your code or is it too tight with the Unreal Editor code?

You cant easily modify the positions of vertices relative to each other, is that what you mean?



I’m messing with procedural mesh generation (see the wiki page I wrote: A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums). In my example, I’m using a lathe algorithm to spin a polyline. I’d like the user to be able to modify that polyline and see the result directly. I was wondering if there were some useful bits in your code that I could reuse to draw handles and such in-game, or is it too tied to the Editor itself?

The way I’m drawing handles is with my USTRUCT

if you look in the source code I define a simple button USTRUCT (VictoryEdEngine.h)

and I create an array of these for all the key points I want the user to interact with.

Then I run a function to check if the cursor is in one of these buttons (2D canvas space).

The Button itself stores a variable for its 3D Vector counterpart.

If you can figure out where the points are in 3D space then you can use, my user interfacecode to create points the user can click and drag around is quite simple to re-implement anywhere you want.

To put it in perspective, I originally implemented this system in the HUD class for an in-game case :slight_smile:

Hee hee!


Nice! Yeah I’m messing with HUD drawing right now, with Project. I’m surprised how easy it is. I just DrawRect for the handles. Next up is putting hitboxes and mouse logic.

Hi Rama.
First of all thx for your effort with this great plugin.
I´ve detected a little issue with the plugin. When you try to change the view to the side view (by pressing Alt+K) the mesh change the orientation to the default because you press the “K” key. It´s not a big deal but there is some way to fix it?

Fix has been made!

(download will be ready in about 20 min from this post time)

You´re the man :slight_smile:

Hee hee!