Rama's Vertex Snap Editor Plugin, Download for You!

Ok, so lets say I have your plugin and another one, the ini should look like this:


Won’t that confuse the engine? Or am I missing something here?

Bump for new comers and wow there’s a lot of them!


I am giving you the entire source code for how to make plugins, as well as UE4 Editor Plugins to add new features to the editor!



Rama darling, could you consider making a ‘light’ version of it that works the same way the vertex snapping in unity works?

Pressing V shows a square around each visible vertex of the selected mesh
While you keep pressing V, click on the desired vertex and move your mouse over a desired location.
While you move the mouse the mesh snaps to the vertex under it, release V and the mouse button when happy with the position.

Nothing beats the simplicity and power of that and I don’t understand why Unreal doesn’t have this?

I’ve tried your plugin but to be honest for me it feels extremely uncomfortable up to a point I sadly prefer to move stuff manually :frowning:

I’m currently recreating a level from Unity to UE4 blocks per blocks and I can assure you I’m crying for a simple snapper like Unity and maya has ><

Here’s a picture of only a small part of the level;

I would be eternally grateful if you could make this happen !

Hey Rama, how did you get the normal of a surface?

I ctrl+F’d through the code but I couldn’t find anything glaringly obvious. Is it a property you can access directly?


when you do traces

the normal is part of the returned FHitInfo




That’s a very nice level you have there!

Depending on what you are asking, it might be a 5 minute thing for me to add what you are requesting

let me confirm

“While you keep pressing V, click on the desired vertex and move your mouse over a desired location.
While you move the mouse the mesh snaps to the vertex under it, release V and the mouse button when happy with the position.”

So you’re saying that

when you hold down V, you can then select vertices.

And once you’ve selected a vertex, while still holding V,

that vertex will now snap to the cursor position, and follow the cursor around the world?

What about Z axis?

Does the mesh stay on whatever Z level it was on, and follow cursor in XY plane only?


PS: a VIDEO by you would make this much easier for me

I thought it might have been that line. Thanks for the link, and the entire article as well!

Thank you for your nice comment and for considering the proposition!

When you hold V the vertex of the selected mesh close to your mouse shows a box, if you release V that box vanishes. Instead of clogging the whole interface with a lot of boxes (one per vertex) they only show one, pretty neat actually.
When you found the one you want you can then drag it and while you move it that vertex will snap to the closest vertex under the mouse, so you have a real time preview of the position where you drop it.

Conserning the Z axis it will still snap on vertices hidden behind the pointed mesh. In Unity it sometimes snaps very far but the real time preview avoid this being an issue, just move the mouse a bit untill you have what you want.

Here’s a gif that shows exactly how it behaves, its very clean and convenient as you can see.

This should be by default in UE imho, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this feature implemented in the real build down the road because unity and maya users are going to ask for it a lot and unless snaping meshes at floating point coordinates causes some performance drop there’s no reason to leave this as a plugin forever no?

gif explains everything, great!

Yea I can do this

there’s currently a U key to toggle vertex visibility,

I will add an additional mode of “only show nearest vertex”

(I personally enjoy seeing all the vertices)

Then actually implementing the feature itself you want should be about a 5 min effort given my current code.

Currently handling some other matters,

 will post in this thread when the new download is ready


[FONT=Comic Sans MS]New Plugin Version Release!

Your Requested Features Have Been Implemented!

Your requested change makes my Snap to Surface Normal feature SO much more effective!

If you wiggle mouse right and choose right camera angle, you can get some really great alignments without much effort!

Snap to Surface Normal:

Hold down Shift and also V, while mousing over target vertices

**Eternally Grateful**

I am going to hold you too this Bigzer :) 


Description on Wiki page:

New Display Options

Now pressing the U key is a display toggle!

Default = only show the vertex the mouse is hovering over

Press U once to show all vertices

Press U again to show no vertices

Press U again to be back to showing cursor-highlighted vertices only

New Workflow(3/27/14)

Press V to select a vertex

Hold down V to continuously snap to vertices of other highlighted meshes

Release to finalize the move

New Snap to Surface Normal Workflow

Press V and and also hold down shift

If you fiddle with your approach angle and move the mouse little bits, you can get some really great normal alignments without much effort

**New Download**

Direct Download

Direct Download Link



Thank you!
As soon as it’s ready I’ll test this and let you know how it works out. I still have to replace about 300 meshes on this first map alone so I’ll be in great position to give actual workflow feedback ^^

Haha ok you where faster than me!
Let me test it out before I sign in the forever grateful contract with my blood =D

Alright I’ve tried it and it works.

It isn’t exactly the same as in unity and maya but its actually better (no mistakes possible or fighting to snap to the right vertex)

I love you!

Oh by the way in your wiki page (A new, community-hosted Unreal Engine Wiki - Announcements and Releases - Unreal Engine Forums)
perhaps you should change;

[/Script/Engine.Engine] UnrealEdEngine=/Script/VictoryBPLibrary.VictoryEdEngine



Thank you again, I owe you one!

I’ll give you some feedback after a day of work with it but the first thing I notice is that changes are not undoable.


hee hee!

I’m glad its better even!

Yea I dont know how to add undo changes to Epic’s undo system, definitely something I would like to know more about if anyone knows how to do that :slight_smile:

Thanks for this Rama. Nice work.

I have to say the way it works is awesome, you can duplicate a mesh, click on a vertex move across the entire level, click on the destination vertex and you’re good. Very cool my productivity increased by 10 fold.

For the undo I can’t help you sorry :(. This said if they don’t already have something convenient in place I’m quite sure its going to happen or be documented soon because it’s at the core of the editor experience.

One issue I notice is that the plugin expects a destination vertex as soon as you press V for the second time. So as a result if you hit the V for the second time without a selection, it will snap randomly on the first vertex your mouse hovers.
It happens to me quite a lot by mistake and because we don’t have the undo feature its annoying especially when the thing snapped on the sky sphere.
I think it evens occurs when you past stuff with ctrl+v

How to solve?
Make sure it snaps only to a vertex that’s actually being highlited when you press V. If no destination vertex is highlited don’t snap anything until you repress V again when a destination vertex is highlighted.

Also maybe it would be a good idea to disable sky spheres from snaps, though with the above fix it might not be a problem anymore, no idea yet.

Another small problem I notice is the ‘drop to floor’ feature. It doesn’t work for me, when I use it the mesh moves a bit down but not entirely (about 1 meter remaining). Curiousely all meshes I drop on floor seems to fall at the same height in the air.
The meshes I use have their centerpoints on the bottom corner of the meshes. The floor I use is a simple flat mesh. I tried with meshes with scaled at 1 and 100 and they both have the same issue.
Also curiously, if I repeatedly press Y it starts to move on the side at what appears to be fixed offsets in one direction.

Hahaha I have to admit this made me laugh :slight_smile:

Yea I should fix that

About the dropping to the floor thing, That worked great in the beta build, but I’ve not figured out the issues in new build, I’ve seen that issue to.

First goal will be fixing this:

“So as a result if you hit the V for the second time without a selection, it will snap randomly on the first vertex your mouse hovers.”

Hi Rama!
This is great!!!

Question: how complex is to access the geometry of a mesh? I’m thinking to apply the same technique from Softimage using ICE ( visual scripting as well ) to UE4, and in order to do this I need to access the geometry of the mesh, mostly vertex position and store them into an array, then modify them using the existing tools/nodes inside blueprints.

Science fiction or doable within Blueprints right now?

“then modify them using the existing tools/nodes inside blueprints.”

you want to change the shape of the mesh itself?! altering vertex positions? !!!


Just making sure I get your question :slight_smile: