Rama's Vertex Snap Editor Plugin, Download for You!

Thank you for this awesome plugin rama!

Does ISM actor created by the plugin work on android? It seems to work flawlessly in the editor and in Moblie Preview. But on my android device the ISM actor simply does not render. Its baked shadow is there but the actor and any collisions are not present. At first I thought may be the device is missing an extension needed to support instancing. But then I put a regular instance actor with many instances manually setup into the scene and that shows up in android just fine.

I’d like to know if this plugin can be used on mobile or if I am missing something? It is the one platform where reducing the number of drawcalls even if only a few can have a major difference.

Hey Rama, awesome work. All of your stuff are simply amazing!

I have a small suggestion for this plugin, if you feel it could be done.

I have been working on an in-house engine for a while now, and there is a feature that I sorely miss in anything else. Teleporting an object instantly on a surface under your mouse cursor.

I have been looking for something similar and that’s how I found your plugin. I have been working on a new workflow with your tools and it absolutely destroys what comes in standard with UE4. It is much much faster and easier. I am using the T to move the object instantly under the mouse, then use the build in snap to floor that I have binded much closer to the T, or use your vertex snap if the objects are visible. Problem arises when the object you move is under the surface you need it to snap, then you can just pull on the Z axis and then do the snap to floor , but of course this increases the amount of operations.
I feel like there is a bit more optimization that can be achieved if only the object could snap immediately under the mouse cursor. What your tool only needs, to be perfect, is some trace that gets the first surface (in our case collision) under the cursor in the game world and uses the Z axis as well to snap the pivot of the object to this coordinates.

This feature is absolutely a 10 fold increase in environment art, level design or any kind of placement in the world, I seriously don’t see how more engine programmers don’t implement such functions as a baseline.

Anyway keep up the great work, you are awesome !
Thank you!

Thank you for your lovely sentiment! Message received, thanks!



In 4.15 I give you an entire project with all that you need so it should work on editor load :slight_smile:

If not, go to Edit->Plugins and make sure my plugins are enabled :slight_smile:



If you don’t get any packaging errors than hopefully it worked? :slight_smile: I have never done much with mobile, I am making a PC game :slight_smile:

The only thing you really need from my plugin is the VictoryISM C++ Class, so if you could just get that on mobile, which should be easy in isolation, then you are set!

Any UE4 programmer could help you do that, its just that 1 class from my plugin, then put it in you rmain game C++ or as a separate plugin, and make sure to update my Victory Ed Engine Settings in Edit->Project Settings

Simple really :slight_smile:

But your ISMs are not showing up because that class is not getting packaged, so now you know what to do :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forums @nightyy3d !!!

I tried to give Epic the vertex snapping workflow a looooong time ago (early 2014) :slight_smile: I guess it shall be a plugin forever :slight_smile:

Your post is very insightful and your Victory Ed Engine-enhanced workflow sounds awesome!

IN 4.15 they recently improved editor-scene PhysX tracing I hear so what you are describing sounds more viable than ever.

I have a feature like this in my in-game editor for the game I am working on, where I trace to nearest surface of object itself, works with per poly or primitive collision objects.

I don’t have much time right now to work on anything other than my game, but when I release the game you will have an in-game (packaged game) editor that has the powerful workflow you are describing.



Victory Ed Engine 4.15!

**Vertex Snapping!

Instanced Static Mesh Editor (right in Level Viewport)!**

Victory Ed Engine 4.15

Please note this is a full 4.15 project, and includes Victory Plugin because I need VictoryISM to enable the ISM editor to work in packaged game (runtime plugin module required).

See Edit->Project Settings for more info! You can choose your own ISM C++ class there any time, BP-created ISM class wont work ( at least not the last time I checked)



Hi Rama ,

Thanks for the great work on vertex snapping !
Just trying to get this working in 4.16.2 and have put latest versions
from the wiki into the plugins folder to recompile.

Though with either the combined BP package , or 4.15 VictoryEd plugin
and binaries removed ] the editor just crashes on start up and am not
seeing an option to recompile ?

Have added :


Update :

Ok , got it to recompile ! Just needed to create a new C++ project
with the plugin files , right click on the uproject to create the Visual
Studio solution files then its all good :

Seems to be working in 4.16.2 though have to run out the door.
I’ll check it more in editor but no compilation errors. Just not sure that
whether I have the latest copy from the repo since it’s the 4.15 one and
there are newer commits up on github , cheers.

You can grab the 4.16.2 , 64-bit version here —
Just unzip this into your VictoryEd plugin " binaries " folder :

Edit July 23rd :

Please note that upgrading from 4.15 version there are issues with
the " undo " stack and " drop object " seems to be behaving weirdly ?
I haven’t used Victory Ed before so not sure if the bugs are new ,
maybe Rama knows more.

Enjoy ,

— Chuan

Thank you for upgrading for me! I will do 4.17 upgrade soon as I can :slight_smile:


Hi Rama, any chance to have 4.17 upgrade soon?
Many thanks for your very valuable work.

I am bumping this on my to do list :slight_smile:


Hi Rama, what’s the best way to get in touch with you (regarding paid work)? I can’t seem to find a PM option anywhere- kindly advise :slight_smile:

4.16 Official Build

Here is official 4.16 upgrade :slight_smile:

4.17 is next on my to do list :slight_smile:

[quote="MrJPrince, post:138, topic:690"]

Hi Rama, what's the best way to get in touch with you (regarding paid work)? I can't seem to find a PM option anywhere- kindly advise :)

What happens when you click my name to the left of this post? You should be taken to a screen where there's a button Private Message and Subscribe



Nothing beats the simplicity and power of that and I don’t understand why Unreal doesn’t have this.](

Though with either the combined BP package , or 4.15 VictoryEd plugin
and binaries removed ] the editor just crashes on start up and am not
seeing an option to recompile ?

Has anybody successfully compiled the VictoryEd for 4.18?

Hee hee!

You’re welcome!


I will work on this soon



Use the source file from Rama’s Github to replace the source file in “VictoryPlugin”. You can also copy and paste all files from Github into “VictoryPlugin” folder. It works for me!

Hi Rama,

When i try to use your Victory Plugin and integrate with my project, the editor crashes.

My current engine is 4.16.3, do i need to get a 4.16.3 version of the Victory plugin ?

Reason i need is primarily for vertex snapping but also all the other goodies.


Adding more info:

EDIT: After hours of trying to make this work, i’m thinking i will not succeed, i tried to just setup the Victory Library and i was unable to have it work.

Tried to download pre-compiled binaries and put in the {project}/Plugins folder, always complains with this error:


I tried also using the git source, i get errors too.

I’m kind of desperate right now.

EDIT 2: I’m using a lightly modified Engine (4.16.3), maybe that is my issue ?

Anyone else know what my issue could be ?

I finally succeeded in getting both plugins to work.

I was needing version for 4.16.3, had to fix 2 small errors in code. The key for me was to build the solution first from a fresh pull of my project. Then integrate the plugins and build.

I did however find an issue in the current version i have, the K option (reset mesh rotations) does not add to Undo list, so if i reset the rotations on the wrong model, i can’t undo it.

Also, hitting Y does nothing for me, supposed to bring mesh to surface.

Thanks Rama for this editor plugin :slight_smile:

Hey Rama, thank you for another amazing plugin, too bad it’s not working with UE4.18(or 4.17, if I recall correctly), can you please do a 4.18 version? :3

By the way, it has been a while since I asked you last time, but is there any news on your latest project(game i believe)?