Raising events in Animation Blueprints from C++

I need to raise events in my animation blueprints. With UDK, I used to create custom animation nodes which would have some sort of function the owning actor class would call (for example, StartReload to tell the weapon to play its reloading animation). The nodes would time the animation and switch back when needed, so I only called one function in my actor class to do the whole process. I’m not quite sure about how I can do the same with the new Animation Blueprint system. Any ideas?

#Custom Animation Nodes in C++ Wikis

I’ve written these tutorials that show you how to make your own Anim BP events and nodes and functions particular to your custom Animation BP that you can then instance per character that uses it.

#Blueprint Callable functions and Blueprint Implementable Events

send data /event calls from c++ to Blueprints


tell C++ to do stuff from Blueprints!

I’ve already read through your tutorials (good job writing them btw), but it doesn’t solve my specific problem. In the end, I ended up using booleans and setting them back to false after reading them in my state machines, but I’d still rather have named events for triggering some transitions. This does look impossible though, given that state transitions only allow boolean values and nothing else. To clarify, this is what I have:

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This is what I’d like to have:


Note, this is impossible because I can’t recieve events in state machine transitions.

I think you’d have to change the engine to modify state machine transitions to get the functionality you want