Question - If I get someone to fund me while working on my game...

Thanks Canon for your input to this discussion :slight_smile:

That is one thing I was wondring about. So as a developer I need to be carefull how I negotiate with a possible publisher.
So the royalty payment duty always stays with the deveoper and does not transfer (with the game) to the publisher.

Its basically the same as in the real world without the online… :slight_smile:
Although you work online with people, you have a written contract that documents the duties and fees of both parties.
Most likely you would have several such documents, such as:

  • The non-disclosure agreement. It ensures that the employee is not leaking project information or other internal methods of the company.
  • The working contract. It defines the scope and timeframe of the workload, the financial aspects and other relevant stuff like mandatory work in progress updates, etc.

Right, unless special arrangements are made for the publisher to take that obligation (i.e., the publisher taking a license for that game and paying the royalties).

I wonder how did they sing up contracts, it’s hard to do via internet :wink:
Or people just search for outsource which has some local studio department close to him?

Either by a humanoid carrier, commonly known as “mailman”.
Or, electronically, with something they call “fax machine”. :wink:
(Both operating worldwide).
In any case, *paper**work will be required :slight_smile:
Is that really the mindset of the young generation? - “If its not possible online, its not possible at all” :stuck_out_tongue:

*Paper: That dried mush of slaughtered trees, you know…

i never ever had any experience with remote contracts, so i thought for this stuff to be valid you need real signature and not a fax copy.

That depends on the laws in your country and possibly the type of contract…
A lot is changing towards “e-government” (buzzword :stuck_out_tongue: ). So a fax might be sufficient.
If not, you send the person an envelope by mail with two prints of the contract, both signed by you.
The other guy signs one of them and mails it back to you. (If he actually signs his own copy, or just files it away, is not of your concern.)
In the end, both of you have a signed copy of the contract/agreement…

PS: It might be helpfull to ask for a photocopy of the ID crad or passport as well.
For once, it is a trust building gesture. And you can verify the signature…

Thanks, not very usefull :(, but good to know :slight_smile:

What is missing?

im missing experience and demand :frowning:

Please explain? I don’t understand what you mean.