Question about networking performance

I’m thinking of adding a multiplayer mode in my project, but before trying I would like to know if it’s worth, i.e. if in my specific case it would work without (much) latency issues.

Basically the project contains a very big procedural object. Well, actually, several procedural objects, like a thousand or so, which are combined to form an actor. The user can move at any time any of these procedural objects, and sometimes it could trigger something that would move every object.

I’m not worried about whether each client would have the same object, since they’re procedurally generated; I’m assuming that each client has the same object. I was wondering how it would fare in multiplayer performance wise.

Suppose EVERY procedural component is replicated. Would Unreal actually send their transform over the network at every tick? How does it work? I didn’t find much about *how *replication actually works, so I’m not sure. I’m afraid that it would be just too much to handle…


The best way is to test it! :slight_smile:

As far as I know, properties marked for replication only update if their values have changed, but it still generates some overhead to actually check for these differences.

This wiki page has some great information on how replication works in Unreal:

I know I should test it, but it would actually be a lot of work before I can even see the performance impact, that’s why I wanted to ask an hopinion first :slight_smile:

That helps though! Nice article.

If anyone has something more to point out, I’m listening :smiley: