Question about Laptop spec

I am planning to buy a laptop Dell Inspiron 5559.
I really need your opinion on it as my first aim is to have it for the Unreal Engine and Maya.
The specs as follows

Intel Core i7 6500U 3.1 GHz
16 GB Ram DDR3
VGA 4GB AMD Radeon R5 M335

I appreciate your detail in the above matter and also if you recommend me not to buy it or buying one better than it within the budget.
the cost of it is about 670 USD

I was about to buy it but then I thought it is better to ask you here.

I think it is OK .

Thax. in the abovementioned link, it shows that for “Hellcat=”, he is using nVidia GT755 which is medium usage while the laptop I am planning to have is having ATI R5 M335 which is below medium class, this is if we neglect the size of the Visual Card itself. also his Visual Card is 2X which as have been told, is two cores in the VCard itself which is faster than the 1 core, I don’t know is that correct or no.

I can have the same laptop specification but with nVidia GeForce 2 GB but also I am confusing which one is better.

the SSD is better than the HDD. this is also an option but does it really make big different?

•OS: Windows 8 (“8.0”, not 8.1)
•Processor: Intel i7 @2.5GHz
•System Memory: 16GB
•Graphics: 2x nVidia GT755M
•Average fps: ~30fps with the scaling options all set to “Epic”
•Settings: Everything on default
•Notes: I’m using a laptop, not a desktop PC, UEd usually spread over two externally connected monitors; working with the editor is super smooth, no reasons to complain

As far as I know, the i7 is not that good enough when it comes to multimedia use or gaming either. I read about Dell XPS M1730 is good because it is fully loaded with all optimal features for the best gaming experience.

that’s fine to hear it. the Dell M1730 contains the core 2 duo which is not a new processor. I have that in my Desktop with 8gig ram and 2GB nVidia GeForce. it works fine but when coming to the material it is very slow probably the GeForce is GT not GTX series and the ram is DDR2 not DDR3, talking about my Desktop.

I have information says
when coming to rendering, the processor and the ram play the main work and it is better to be daul core or quadrant core. but when coming to moving the actors or complex shapes, the Visual Graphic Card is the main tool.

Bro its OK U need not worry

You haven’t explained, why you need a laptop for game development, so I’ll just assume you need the mobility.

The spec you provided will do fine for Maya/Maya LT. Designing low-poly models and assets is not a resource intensive endeavor. It only become an issue if you plan on creating entire game level(s) scenes complete with a full array of assets, textures, and logic. Also, 3D rendering is very resource intensive and I would not use a laptop to do so. So yes, this laptop will do fine for simple, low-poly modeling and texturing.

I would not recommend any laptop for Unreal Engine game development. UE4 is VERY taxing on mobile setups. That means slow production environments, slow saves/renderings, and the cpu/gpu pushed at 100% consistently which creates a lot of heat. Laptop have a lot of problems with heat management and will shut it self down if need be, even if you’re in the middle of a project. In addition, the integrated GPU is not enough to test your scenes. You will experience lag and/or have extremely low fps. This is not the idea environment to test game in.

So, while I can recommend that laptop for Maya, I can not recommend it for UE4 development.

I am using laptop for UE development, and it is good for my own job - I have done a lot of prototyping and demos and also, current project which has size about 5GB. I am also doing quite a lot of C++ compilations - and SSD really helps a lot. As long as you have got SSD and decent RAM (at least 16GB). But do not try to imagine loading Kite content or something similar.

There are two things which are sorely lacking, the first one: I cannot demo to potential clients of anything with Oculus - as it resorts to using Intel GPU (yes I am running on Optimus). And the second is the display doesn’t have good contrast, therefore the color doesn’t represent themselves well in brightly-lit areas.

Thank you. I have a desktop and I too don’t recommend the laptop but I have to.

Thanks, can we have the specs for your laptop if possible. SSD is realy helpful as you said.

I own an Inspiron 7559 with the specs:

Intel Core i5-6300HQ
Windows 10

It runs Maya LT 2016 and Unreal smoothly but not perfectly. Do a benchmark between your video card and GTX 960M to know the approximate difference.

Nowadays a laptop with GTX 10X series will probably kick *** with Unreal. Perfectly fine and I particularly love the mobility and simplicity of a laptop setup.
Unless you’re doing AAA games, you’ll be fine with a laptop.

My notebook spec:-
Intel I7-4710HQ @2.5GHz
SSD 256GB (yes, the space is quite small, plan to upgrade to Samsung EVO 512GB or higher).

Indeed, Series 10xx is amazing.

Finally I bought the MSI GT70 2pe from ebay with 950 USD of course used one but nearly new.
Specs are
i7 , Generation 4th
nVidia GTX 880 with 8GB
32 GB Ram
380 SSD and 1 TB HDD

I will test it and reply in the same topic for the benifit for later any user’s search.