Quake Template and RPG Template released for free.

Thank you!

What did I do wrong exactly?

It needs to start as [video=youtube;dZTWZyXn_Cs] instead of [video]

Uh new code that actually works? Lets try :smiley:

Wow this great! Thanks Castle!

Hey Castle
Take my money!!!:smiley:

I liked!!! What it will cost, I want it.


Its free, and I will be updating it regularly. Specifically the Quake Template.

Great! For the Quake template some enemies would be fine. Maybe you can use the free blade charakters? Combined with the AI and waypoint system from Epics Survival Sample we would have great enemies to start with!
If you need some nice environments for free to add to youre project, just contact me!

Hey Castle

The two templates, both, Quake and RPG worked fine in Unreal 4.9.3
I felt a great nostalgia hearing Quake’s sfx.


If i wouldn’t be busy already i probably would make my own Quake game now :wink: Very cool to release these projects. Looks fantastic! Kudos.

Thank you all so much for the feedback on this!

I plan to do more on Quake template in a few days. I’ll be focusing on grenade bouncing and floating combat text.

I also plan to do a long form video where I go through everything in the video to explain how it all currently works.

Let me know if you begin any kind of projects on this as it would be fun to see them.

edit: Oh and one note on using graphics. I plan to keep any templates I make as graphic neutral as possible. So these projects will be using floating icons and representative shapes. It will be up to anyone who wants to work with these templates to make them look pretty. I will be focused on functional content on these projects and only use visuals if they effect game play.

Hey Castle

You could try to join the two templates in one.

You don’t needs to be focusing much on spells casting system, maybe a old school Quake game with evolution system like a rpg game, a deathmathch with XP, SP, HP, LevelUP and floating combat texts. It would be really cool, fun and original.


I plan to expand the Quake template to be an Extended FPS template. This will include heretic and Hexen. That includes leveling up and alternate inventory with items you can use.

One of my projects on the backberner is a Quake remake :stuck_out_tongue: I can’t really do the artwork so it kinda got put on hold. Made the intro/opening level though and got osme movements down. If I ever get back to that I’ll look this up again for sure! nice work, as always

Hey Castle

You mentioned Heretic and Hexen? This has marked a great period of my life!
I feel a greatest enthusiasm in resurrecting something like these games in Unreal 4.

To kill the longing. Unfortunately, without mouse control!

**Play Combo: Doom, heretic, Hexen, all in one **


I was just informed that I, like an idiot, forgot that I had floating combat text on the RPG template. Floating combat text is a blueprint addon that you can buy from the market place. I made a lot of modifications to the the floating combat text and completely forgot that a good portion of it is still mostly the same. So for now I am going to have to pull the the rpg template down until I remove the FCT.

If you do have the template and plan to use it for something you want to release, its probably ok that you consider buying floating combat text from the market place or you can wait until I take it out of the template. Either way I am sure its fine. But for now I have to remove it from the download page.

Really sorry about this, it completely slipped my mind.

I uploaded new version of the RPG template without the floating combat text included here.

Video in the link also explains everything done.

Hey Castle

Do not bother with the floating combat text. It was one of the first things I bought. I have bothered so much the user Inside (autor) in his thread when this was in Trello board that they have decided to put it in the marketplace, but there is a free version, I do not know if Inside is still providing a basic versior within your RPG template in your Git repository.


hmm I already removed it. :confused:

Either way its for the better to be safe than sorry. I had zero intention to put anyone in a bad position.

I can’t download it. That tsu site doesn’t work for me…

Apparently is no more and has shut down. Spammy social network Tsu shuts down – TechCrunch

That being said; could we please have a download link for these project templates, they look amazing and I’d love to check them out.