Pull Request - World Origin Shifting in MP

@nkey - I am doing my part :slight_smile:

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Regarding the PR, I would love to see this in 4.12 :stuck_out_tongue:

@HeadClot ditto

Cheers guys! For anyone else new to Github

@nkey - Has there been any news on this from Epic?

Nope, silence.

I will poke someone on the engine team to see the status of this PR :slight_smile:

You have no idea how much I want this, for both the city sized game I’m making now, and the world sized game I’m making tomorrow.

aaand maybe a space game one day. I’ve SEEN what happens when you don’t do it - Kerbal Space Program has this issue.

PR is updated to match 4.12.2 codebase -
Also, there is first feedback from EPIC -

Any new news from epic on this?

I’m up to dealing with origin shifting in Eden (again) and this will be the thing that determines whether or not I can support multiplayer in it…

4.13 maybe… Big thanks to nkey for this!!!

Simon, see below… Try to use your ‘spotlight’ clout to nudge / remind Epic :slight_smile:
(I’ve read 4.13 is still some months away, probably September at the earliest…)

A lot of devs are calling for DGI and Dynamic Terrain etc as Epic priorities.
But many projects will hit a total standstill without MP features like this.
So @nkey just want to shout out a big thanks, you’re a real hero here!

This feature is really exciting for many people who want to be able to make larger scale multiplayer… No not infinite worlds or planet size… but arma size :slight_smile:

Hey, you got feedback! Nice!

I am really looking forward to this :slight_smile:

Will this be in 4.13?

I hope so…

Didn’t see it in the 4.13 release notes. If it’s true that the larger cordinate system request has been on the backlog for two years (and considering it’s on the 2017 backlog now) it could be a while before we see any Epic implemented solution… tis a shame

Seems like planned to merge into 4.14

PR is merged :slight_smile:

Grats on getting this merged :smiley: This is going to be great for seeing more large scale multiplayer indie games.

This is awesome - Cannot wait for 4.14