Proper Collision/Physics Settings for Skeletal Mesh, and Physics Asset

I’m having some trouble getting collision events to trigger for a mechanical actor I have in my scene that uses a skeletal mesh, and physics asset. My projectile passes right through them without getting the OnHit event.

Can someone please explain to me what are the proper settings for the Skeletal Mesh:

Enable Per Poly Collision    YES
Physics Asset                    MyActor_Physics

Settings for MyActor_Physics:

root bone
      Mass in Kg                 YES
      Mass                         100
      Enable Gravity           NO
      Physics Type              Default

      Simulation Generates Hit Events     YES
      Collision Response                         ENABLED

    <same as above>
    <same as above>

Then I apply Asset → Apply PhysMat

In my BP class that inherits my APawn code, I set the following:

      Should Update Physics Volume      NO

      Simulate Physics                         YES
      Enable Gravity                            NO
      Constraints                                 NONE
      Start Awake                                YES
      Physics Asset Override                 NONE
      Should Update Physics Volume     NO

      Simulation Generates Hit Events   YES
      Generate Overlap Events              YES
      Collision Presets                           BlockAll

Is there something else I’m missing?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Make sure the projectile also had collision generated events enabled? I think it’s hard to say without knowing how the projectile is configured.

How fast is your projectile going? Do you have CCD on? If it’s going too fast it might be tunneling through your player.

Thank you Pumpy Bird. I should have included that too.

The projectile is a static mesh and I can break in Visual Studio debugger on the OnHit event, which shows that I am hitting other parts of the scene but not my actor.

Static Mesh settings are:

Import Settings
   Auto Generate Collision       YES

   Customized Collision           NO

mrooney, I suspect the projectile may be going a little fast, and I can certainly turn on CCD. Is that for the projectile itself?

Forgive me, but I’m mid stream in making changes to my code. Previously I followed along with this walkthrough:

taking parts that were related to me. One area I wanted to get away from is the inclusion and construction of the collision component. Is that possible?

    UPROPERTY(VisibleDefaultsOnly, Category=Projectile)
    USphereComponent* CollisionComp;

        CollisionComp = ObjectInitializer.CreateDefaultSubobject<USphereComponent>(this, TEXT("SphereComp"));
        RootComponent = CollisionComp;

Is it possible to assign the collision component in the BP editor, and search for it in code? I’m looking for a way to add my own event handler to the collision component without being tied to a specific type of collision component:

        CollisionComp->OnComponentHit.AddDynamic(this, &AMyProjectile::OnHit);

I’ve never actually made a component in code, opting mostly for blueprints, but I can tell that your collision component doesn’t seem to have a collision profile, which could make it not want to collide with anything.

Personally I’d make it in blueprint just because it’s so much easier to make sure all the right checkboxes are ticked. You can definitely bind your C++ callback to the OnComponent hit in BP. Just make your OnHit function blueprint callable and then use the On Component Hit Function on the collision component to call your function.