Prompt me how to do static interface button on the screen?

Prompt me how to do static interface button on the screen for the call of menu? Thanks in advance for a help!

Hey Ivanov,

It sounds like you want to learn how to implement a HUD. You can check out the Tappy Chicken project in the Marketplace for a good example using Blueprints. You can also check out the Blueprint_HUD map in the Content Examples project.

Hope that helps!

Ben Halliday

Good afternoon Ben Halliday. And I had because of exactly HUD. But in Tappy Chicken I did not find that searched or did not understand here photo of Tappy Chicken. Is it possible to realize HUD button as in this instance ( only in blueprints

)? If yes, then how for mobile devices on IOS? Thanks in advance for an answer!!!
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Good afternoon Ben Halliday. Thank you very much for a prompt I will understand !

The HUD work in Tappy Chicken is done in BP_MainGame, if you want to use that example. You may find the Blueprint_HUD map in Content Examples more useful. You can also take a look at this tutorial that uses Blueprints instead of C++:

There’s more in there than you probably need if you’re not making a multiplayer game, but it should help.