Projectiles - which actor should destroy them?

Citation from somewhere in the thread

“3) Dispatchers. Again, very specific use case. Basically when you want to broadcast to a lot of actors and don’t want to have to find them and talk to them all. The use dispatchers, because you can just say ‘My event!’ and they all see it. You didn’t have to send it to them, you didn’t have to find them and tell them. It’s a broadcast.”

I just found that somewhere in this thread, looking for some other stuff. And I think, that it is important to mention, that THERE IS NO BROADCAST in UE4 - full stop. You can use the Event Dispatchers mentioned above, but** it is important to understand, that these require all receivers first to register to the events using Bind Event**. This requires a Target to be set (the sender), so every potential receiver needs a reference to the actual sender first to do that bind in order to register to receive any dispatched events. So NOT EVERY actor will receive the event, but *ONLY THOSE, THAT HAVE REGISTERED *before. In the end, this is actually a MULTICAST.

I just wanted to point this out, because there seems to be a lot of misconceptions around with blueprint communications, especially the event dispatchers.